GCT: On track

I was sick as a dog following the bites and scratches I got during the horde vaccination. My hand swelled up to twice a normal size and I felt like I had the flu times ten. This was despite the fact that I took all the remaining antibiotic pills (yeah, ok, so they were two years expired and thus less effective but of the sort that don’t become dangerous after expiration–some do and can kill ya so don’t take expired meds unless you have an expert doctor to advise you) that I had on hand. Yesterday I went and got an injection and I am feeling almost 50%, which is a great improvement.

I’m waiting for Ronen to call back but in our first call today he let me know that the transport carriers have all arrived, the large size ‘baby changing’ pamper-like squares also arrived that we’ll need to line the carriers with, he’s laundered and cut up enough of his personal bedsheets and blankets to provide for one change. I’m washing bedsheets and blankets like crazy to cut up for additional changes and to provide ‘hoods’ for the carriers to help the cats from not freaking out.

I’m in charge of food. I’ve got to bring dry food for the cats on the plane and 48 cans of wet fancy feast for the drive, as well as water for the cats.

But, I’ve also got to bring all the food for us humans. Since Ronen and I are both vegetarians and we can’t bring any fruit or vegetables, I’m going to make up a bunch of cheese sandwiches. I’m not sure what to do about liquids (for us — if necessary we can use the tap water from the restroom for the cats, though I’d rather not). I don’t know if I can bring unopened cans of soda on-board. I don’t know if I can include lettuce or pickles or olives on the sandwiches. We aren’t even sure that plain bread with cheese will be allowed through. If necessary (e.g., if the sandwiches are confiscated) we can manage 20 or so hours without food or liquid. Gah, not a pleasant prospect but definitely survivable.


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  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief. Cat bites and scratches are very, very dangerous, or they can be. You need some of those Kevlar gloves that protect your hands. I will get you a pair! I hope that you are completely better now. I imagine that you can bring pickles and olives, unopened in jars, and probably crackers, spreads in jars…. can you check?

  2. Mike says :

    You can’t bring in any fresh fruits or produce. So I would think lettuce of the sandwiches would be a no-go.

    • israeliminx says :

      mike, any advice as to what I can bring on — can we bring anything to drink?

      • Tiger Mike says :

        That plane probably has a complelpte wet bar and maybe even a flight attendant. Those types of planes are normally catered with gourmet food and drink. I don’t know how it works in Israel but when I’ve been on those types of planes (as a passenger, not a crew member) you don’t go through the normal airport security. So you can bring anything on board you want. Once you get to Canada, all the food on board will be taken by Canadian customs and the plane will be restocked with food and drink.

        Get hold of the charter company and tell them you will need vegetarian meals.

        Believe me, it’s not like flying on El Al. More like flying on a very small luxury hotel.

        • israeliminx says :

          TM — Ronen talked with them and they said we need to provide our own or pay $3,000 additional as a catering/security clearance for the catering fee.

          • Tiger Mike says :

            Gee, what is this company? Joe’s discount Intercontenental Airplane rental?

            I once stole all the foor (and cookies) at a private Jet terminal at Orange County Airport (CA) and took it on my plane. You could try that. (Of course, every one was distracted because Bill Clinton was leaving on a jet at that time. There was security everywhere. And they never checked me. And I was carrying a gun at the time. Yes, leagally.)

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    Oh, and you really don’t want to drink the water from the lavatory tap on even this type of plane. The seldom clean the ” potable” water tank on these planes. There WILL be bottled water, sodas, juices, beers, liqueur, and anything else you can think of drinking.

    • Tiger Mike says :

      One more thing, I wouldn’t feed the cats during the flight. Just drug them and leave them in their cages.

      I remember once taking a cat out of its carrier on a flight from Anchorage to Narita, japan. I brought it up to the cockpit to play with it.

      • Lynne says :

        Tiger Mike, 🙂 Hope that all is well with you and your family!

      • israeliminx says :

        Tiger — we’ve got those little attachable food and water bowls so we can put food and water in them without opening the doors. I doubt they will eat but they will definitely want to drink (having flown dozens of times with kitties in cabin). They may want to eat during the layover.

        So what happened when you took the kitty into the cockpit?!

        sending hugs

        • Tiger Mike says :

          We played with it for a few hours. it was drugged out of its skull. it had a very odd meow. Shortly before landing I put it back in its cage.

          I once had a bunch of Parrots get loose inside a plane.

  4. Nicole says :

    you can take whatever you want on the plane – the problem is just taking it into the USA. Why don’t you just make a quick supermarket stop after you land to stock up on food/drink for the drive?

  5. israeliminx says :

    They are feeding us! 🙂 The language barrier caused a misunderstanding and the 3k is the cost of catering built into the cost of renting the plane but you can choose to not be catered. Our plane is catered thanks to our benefactress and we are set for vegetarian meals. Ronen still wants me to make him a cheese sandwich because airplane food is not always great and I’m happy to oblige. It is really cute, he’s like a kid in a candy shop with excitement — he called to tell me there is a huge plush sofa on the plane and that there is serious leg room between the seats. I’m too busy to get excited yet. Once I’m on the plane I’m going to spaz out with excitement, I’m sure. I did have an excitement spaz when he told me he’d gotten all the exit papers for the cats signed, sealed, and delivered into his hands this morning when he went to the airport and saw the exit vet (whew!).

    Ema, I’m bringing a suitcase full of cat beds, clothing and linens to leave there.

    I nearly had a fire last night. Around 2:30 a.m. I thought I’d take a break from grading and eat something. I popped some bread with cheese into the toaster oven and set the timer for 15 minutes –or so I thought. I clearly pushed the knob just past 15 and anything past 15 doesn’t function (meaning it usually doesn’t go on to heat but this time it did and then didn’t go off). Then I lay down to rest my eyes, waiting for the ding letting me know it was done. The ding didn’t come and I fell asleep waiting. Around 5 I woke up to the smell of something burning. The bread and cheese were a black lump but more disturbingly, the roll of paper towels sitting near the toaster was smoldering. I still haven’t found a plumber who can come and fix the bathroom — plumbers seem to do the actual toilet/drains etc but not the pipes and so forth in the walls.

    • Lynne says :

      Yaeli, My appliance repair guy told me that a large percentage of home fires occur from kitchen accidents, so do not leave food cooking if you are likely to fall asleep. When I first started reading SandMonkey’s blog years ago, I would get into spirited debates with commenters….ok, stormy, passionate debates….and I burned up more pots and pans than I did when I was first married and had no idea about cooking times. I don’t use the computer and cook anymore after those experiences.
      What kind of food bowls and eating arrangements for your group of cats?

      • israeliminx says :

        Food bowls — try a pig trough? Seriously. I’m not even joking, sadly.

        For my ‘main’ group (not counting those needing special food — Little Mouse and Mischa, or the ones fed separately in quarantine — Tovi, Fluffy, and Leeza) I use the largest size bowl available for big dogs — 4 inches tall x 8 inches wide in diameter inside and refill it fully 3 times a day. I use a bowl the same size for water and refill it twice a day (they drink a lot and often flip it).

        If Gingi can see the bottom of the food bowl (even if there is still plenty of food inside but pushed off to the side) he will a) begin destroying everything you might value and any other object that could possibly be destroyed and b) start peeing outside the litterbox. Flora, Flossy, Puddin and Tinoket react to food and to water being low (low, not gone) by becoming extremely aggressive toward every other cat, including ones they usually snuggle with. You don’t have to worry about Batya and her food quirks as she is staying here but we need to talk about Muffin and litterboxes.

        • Lynne says :

          Yaeli, please choose a flight home with few stops, preferably none. It is worth the extra money truly. Do not fly to hostile countries. It is not worth the risk. Choose flights on carriers with good safety records.

    • Tiger Mike says :

      The food isn’t going to be typical ElAl economy food. It will probably be better than Singapore Airlines First Class food. I’d tell the charter company to put cheese sandwiches made with gourmet French cheeses.

      I’ve been on these types of planes. You will not go hungry.

  6. Jake from Philly says :

    You are such good people — you and Ronen and your benefactress. Bless you all!

    • Lynne says :

      Jake, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Here is an update from my end of the rescue: I went with my contractor to Home Depot to buy the materials to build two enclosures for those who require their own space. I got the idea for the two enclosures from information online (“Cat Enclosures”), and made a plan. Rain and cold weather is predicted for tomorrow, but work will start (and finish) on Wednesday. I’m working on fixing up their spaces and getting prepared for their arrival, so I will make a trip to Petco or Pet Smart tomorrow. I really have on hand most of what they will need. Tomorrow and the rest of the week will involve cleaning, rearranging, and getting things in order for them. We will take pictures of them in their new homes!

  7. Nicole says :

    Yael, you should use this flight to also take back your stuff that will be too big/heavy to take when you leave israel (books, etc). i know you have thrown a lot away already, but this is your chance to easily take stuff back with you!

    • Lynne says :

      Nicole, with all the animals that they are taking back, I hope that the jet takes off from the ground! I think that she will have to ship things that are heavy.

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