great timing for the plumbing to break (not)

The damn toilet. I’ve had folks out here to fix the toilet twice in three years. Each time, they said we do need to replace the interior workings but your biggest problem (that they were not qualified to fix) is that the metal plumbing fixture in the wall that feeds water to the toilet is broken. You couldn’t effectively turn off the water — it would just keep flowing so the toilet constantly runs a little bit (yes lots of wasted water and money down the toilet bowl) even when the water to the toilet is on “off”. They both said that eventually it was going to really break and water would just start flowing from the wall socket and the hose connecting the socket to the toilet and that that would be a really bad scene. The bad scene has happened and I’m hoping it doesn’t get even worse (like a firehose spraying kinda worse).

Yesterday I went into the toilet room and found water all over the floor behind and at the side of the toilet. The toilet was running more than usual. Yep, drip, drip, drip, water was leaking out of the connecting hose. I got a wrench and attempted to tighten the “frickin’ go OFF” metal thing and…have clearly made it worse. By midnight the big soup pot I put under the drips (now coming from where the hose connects to the toilet and from the metal pipe in the wall) had filled up. By 5 a.m., it not only filled up but over-flowed. It has now filled up in just one hour.

Like I have time to find someone to come fix this damn thing. Every minute between now and liftoff are more than accounted for and I’m already panicked about finishing everything I’ve got to get done. But obviously, I’ve got to this fixed and pronto tomorrow. I’m hoping between tonight and tomorrow it doesn’t go firehose but as fast as it is leaking now, I’m not confident.


2 responses to “great timing for the plumbing to break (not)”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief….and good luck with this mess. I hope that you can get it fixed quickly.

  2. Nicole says :

    Go and turn off the water for your apartment at the mains, at least while you are out, so the water will stop!

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