Getting down to the wire

I’ve just taken a picture of the stack of cat carriers nearly as tall as me that Ronen delivered this afternoon. It is going to take me several hours to put them together tomorrow and attach the food and water bowls to the doors. I picked up Muffin’s medicine and got her the first dose (she is one of the few that is relatively easy to pill), picked up some really nice baguette-type bread and some good cheese for Ronen’s sandwich,went to the bank and took out 1500 sheks but haven’t converted any to dollars yet because I still don’t know the price of the car that will take us all to the airport. I’ll do the dollar exchange tomorrow in my way in to work.

I’m still grading the exams but am down to the last 30. Tomorrow I will pick up the last set of exams that I’ll need to grade in a jet-lagged state in the 24 hours after I get back. I’ve got to pick up a lightbulb as the light blew in Tovi’s room this evening when I went in to feed. I’ve got to order in the catfood for Mischa, Mousie and Batya. I’ve got my personal packing/reorganizing to do. Everything I can stuff into the ‘goes in an overhead’ size suitcase I am going to stuff. I need to pick up the package from my Ema before they mail it back (hope they haven’t already). I’ve got to start grading the papers (not the exams I’m picking up tomorrow). That’s a small list of the things still to do before all hell breaks loose with corralling cats tomorrow night.


3 responses to “Getting down to the wire”

  1. Lynne says :

    Such a huge amount of things to do for the trip! Be careful every step of the way, and rest and relax when you can.

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, is the van available or should I continue to reserve the truck? I can check on the van if I know where to call.

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    Many many pictures!!!!! And I still want to know what type of airplane it is:-)

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