small balagan in Scottsdale

Very fast as Ronen should be back with the U Haul at any minute. We got off the plane at 5:30, it took half an hour to unload the cats. There were two cargo vans. We thought one was ours but no, they were both for the other flyer. No one could find our rental car that was supposed to be waiting. The rental car companies all close at 6. We managed to reach U Haul and they said if you can get here in half an hour, we still have a van available. The airport called us a cab and Ronen is on the way to get it. They finally reached someone for the rental car company for us and we found out they delivered the van to the wrong airport. More details tomorrow! We are all here and safe and the cats are crying but in good shape. Hopefully, we will be on the road within the hour.


5 responses to “small balagan in Scottsdale”

  1. Mac says :

    Glad you both got there safely.

  2. Lynne says :

    They still have a sixteen hour drive…. sigh. I just talked to them and they are rested and on the road, ready to take a dinner break in about an hour and to stop and feed the cats.
    The enclosure for the new arrivals is NOT finished. The contractor has been difficult to work with, including not being helpful about the materials for the enclosure. He had to go back today to get different screening and what he chose was not ideal. He has been a contractor for over thirty years so I did not expect this problem. He does not like animals, a fact that he reminded me of all day. Finally, with the delays and that reminder, I let him know that I was not happy. He got a burst of energy at that point and made more progress on the enclosure in the last two hours than he did all day. I hope that he will have the essentials done tomorrow by the time that they arrive, and I am sure that he will. The perches and some frills may not be ready, but as long as the enclosures are safe and sound, I will be ok with that.

  3. Erin Rawls says :

    I am soooo impressed with all of you. Very few people in the world would go to these lengths to save these kitties. Had I known that we’d be off from school thanks to snow, I’d have flown out to help with the drive!

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