legal stuff aka thank g-d I blog my life

Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind of activity for me (more so than most of my days). I have a court appearance on Wednesday in the small claims court and have a massive amount of stuff to do to prepare for it. For those not up to speed, I am being sued by the crazy and criminal real estate people from nearly 7 years ago.

I have two things to be extremely thankful for: The first is Ronen who is not only the world’s best vet but the world’s best friend (he even wanted to call in another vet and pay them to take his shift so that he could come to court with me but I wouldn’t let him). He has consulted two different lawyers he knows for me and has given me the skinny on exactly what I need to do to prepare for the court appearance. The second thing I am thankful for is that I blog my life. The blog posts that I made about the crazy real estate people back in 2007, at the time everything was happening, can be entered into evidence on my behalf in what is essentially a she-said-she-said case.

I don’t need a lawyer. Since it is small claims, lawyers aren’t used and so I will be representing myself. It would be best, however, if I can find the lawyer I retained back then and get all the paperwork he accumulated on my behalf from him. I am going this evening, again, to my very first landlady’s daughter’s apartment in the hopes that she will be home so that I can get the name of the lawyer. However, if she is not home (she may not even be in the country any longer), then I should be able to get his name from my bank tomorrow because I wrote the legal beagle a check for his services! Yes, his name will be on the record of the cashed check (thank you Ronen for reminding me of this!!). Then I’ve got to hopefully track him down and get that paper trail.

My side of the story, with my supporting blog posts, however, may be sufficient. At the worst, I will have to pay them another nearly $1,000 U.S. At the best, I won’t have to pay the crazy criminals anything and I will be able to re-coop the 1,000 NIS I paid in cash to their agent.


9 responses to “legal stuff aka thank g-d I blog my life”

  1. Lynne says :

    Be sure to create a statement noting that you first went to the real estate office with your mother and believed them to be professional and honest, and that though you thought that the agent’s request for cash and the way he handled the transaction was strange, you assumed he acted in good faith, and that you were in shock when the agency did not.

    • Tigeg says :

      Who was/is the agent?

      • Tiger Mike says :

        Some how I just misspelled my own name.

        Bracing for a major Ice Storm here!

        • Lynne says :

          Tiger Mike, are you at home? Here in Austin we were having Spring weather, and then suddenly today it turned very cold. I just checked on all the cats and found that the water bowl for the two ferals was frozen solid. There is ice on the sidewalk…. I think that the upper South will get a lot worse than this. Stock up on food, and try to stay warm (and inside the house and off the roads).

          • Tiger Mike says :

            Lynne, Thank G-d I am not flying tonight. It was 65 this morning. And now it’s in the 30s with rain and sleet. It’s supposed to be a low of 11 tonight.

            • Lynne says :

              Tiger, it’s cold here and a wintry mix is expected today and tomorrow with a slow warming trend…and then another cold front. It is much colder where you are though, so stay safe and keep warm. Yes, I am very glad that you are not flying. There is ice outside now in March. Global Warming….gotta love it.

  2. Larry007 says :

    You should be aware that to get his name from the checks, it take about a week or so. The checks are moved into archives after a while so you need to fill a request with the bank and pay a fee. It takes at least 4-5 working days, at least at my bank(Discount).

  3. Erin Rawls says :

    Yaeli-I so hope this turns out in your favor. The whole situation sounds nuts.

    Tiger Mike-I feel you. It was 73 here in Richmond, VA yesterday and today it snowed. Needless to say it is supposed to be a record breaking 10 tonight, so the roads are frozen and we get yet another school snow day! WOOO!

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, those snow days are wonderful 🙂 Enjoy yours! We are probably getting sleet here in Austin tonight.

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