Allah Mouse, lol, from the mouth of a 5 year old

This morning early I had to run Little Mouse (Akhbar Kitan) back to the vet for an antibiotic shot because I can’t get the antibiotics down him orally with his painful mouth. My little neighbour children were just coming down the stairs on their way to gan (kindergarten/nursery school). Of course, they had to stop and check him out in his carrier and they thought he was really cute and they thought calling a cat a little mouse was terribly funny.

Then, the little five year old from next door looked up at her mother with a very serious expression on her face and said, “Ema, why do terrorists yell Our God is a Mouse! before they attack people?” We adults looked at her blankly for a second and then we all lost it. Her father tried to explain the pronunciation difference between Akbar and Akhbar but she couldn’t hear it (and neither could I but the fact that he kept going off into gasping peals of laughter didn’t help). Finally her mother settled on as good an explanation as any for a five year old, I suppose: Terrorists are crazy. Maybe they think G-d is a mouse or maybe they are very afraid of mice and, because they are crazy, think the people are giant mice and are pointing them out to their God.” That seemed to make sense to her. I may never be able to look at my cat again without remembering this and laughing.

The court thing was…a disaster. I have to get all documents to be submitted into evidence translated into Hebrew within 30 days and then get a translator who is not a lawyer (indeed, lawyers are forbidden to serve as translators in civil court) but who can understand the legalese and present a totally hebrew fluent-accurate-fast presentation and responses from me at a re-do at the end of May. I’ll write more about the court experience on Friday but let me tell you, the translations I was getting from the really sweet guy (waiting for his own civil suit to be heard) who volunteered to try to help with translation of the rapid-fire proceedings when I was standing there like a deer in the headlights with no idea of what was going on — well, the real estate lady is spinning an utter fantasy of what occurred.


2 responses to “Allah Mouse, lol, from the mouth of a 5 year old”

  1. Lynne says :


  2. Erin Rawls says :

    The story about Little Mouse is awesome 🙂 I too, was like wait…isn’t that what Muslims say…Good thing you explained. Does make me very sad though, that kiddos have to live in a world where they know what terrorists say before they attack. I imagine there are lots of examples of such combined innocence and wisdom in Israel though.

    Have you ever heard of Hope for Paws? It is a rescue in Los Angeles that is run by an Israeli, Eldad Hagar. He also does some rescue work in Israel during visits there with an organzation called Pegasus. Anyways, he recently went to Israel to visit and posted a story about a cat who needed their eye removed..My first thought of course was this is a cat for Yaeli:) Anyways, check out their facebook page. Something tells me the two of you would be awesome friends.

    As for court..seriously this makes no sense. Do you think the court is trying to drag it out because you are american and not as fluent a hebrew speaker as a native Israeli? Did you have a translator during the procedings?

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