garden now, garden ahead

One of the things about making a major move is that from the time you’ve made the decision and set the time of the move you are only half in the here and half in that nebulous future place. I had way more students wanting to meet today about assignments, classes, and a good number for advice about their future plans and so I didn’t get out of work until much later than I was expecting. It put a nix on my afternoon plans. However, when I got home there was still a bit of sunlight left and so when I got home I decided to go out and check out the extremely neglected garden. I was quite surprised.

First, I was surprised at the rampant amount of weeds — weeds, weeds everywhere! Second, I was surprised by my gargantuan collard greens. These suckers look like they are trying to take over the earth and this is despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago I pulled off copious amounts of leaves from them (when they were just large) and made a good 5 side dishes for meals (boiled collard greens with melted butter and hot sauce can’t be beaten). Now, you’d never know I pulled a leaf and I’m definitely going to be sharing out the collard green collection. I’ll take some pictures of them this weekend. The two parsley plants and the oregano are also huge, I’ve a forest of green onions and …some of the aubergine (eggplants) are in full bloom. I’ve lost entirely 3 of the eggplant plants and almost all of the peppers (both sweet and hot). That one really cold freeze did them in. I spent about half an hour pulling out weeds by the fistful and got a lot cleared but still have much to do in the weeding department.

All the time I was weeding and checking this and that, however, I couldn’t keep my mind from straying to next year’s garden — a garden that won’t be here. I don’t yet know where exactly it will be (somewhere in central Texas) and the stress of not knowing where I and the cats will hang my hat and they’ll shed their fur is considerable. I’m planning (hoping, praying) to find a good parcel of land where I can not only set up the permanent animal sanctuary and not only grow the bulk of my own food but to start an organic herb, heirloom fruit and vegetable, and not-your-average-garden-variety landscape plant mini-farm. So as I was pulling weeds I was thinking about compost, building raised beds, and the logistics of growing pineapples (of all things).

Not there, where ever there will be, but not totally here either.


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