yow major hail storm

It is pouring rain and pelting hail (with some lightning and thunder thrown in). I hope it stops before I have to make the half hour walk to the bus to work in a bit. I was happy for the rain on the garden’s behalf but yow, I’m hoping the hail storm doesn’t cream it.


3 responses to “yow major hail storm”

  1. Lynne says :

    Our weather in Austin, Texas has been variable with a surprising amount of cold weather and the possibility of sleet (very little fell here), but it was 84 degrees today and sunny. A cool front is coming through tonight though, with strong winds up to 40 mph.
    I’m having fun with the rescued cats! A lot of work but also lots of fun, too.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Ronen is sending me a lot more pictures from the great cat rescue and I plan to make a better movie (the first wasn’t too bad for my first attempt at making a movie, I guess, especially as jet-lagged as I was but it was still… pretty bad, heh). I just talked with him a bit ago — he called to see how the court case went and was out-raged on my behalf. He plans to come with me for the next court date and do the translating. I tell you, you won’t find a better vet or a better person than Ronen.

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