I love my Sodastream. They had them on major special at the university, literally half price, and I’ve been coveting one for years. Now that they’ve gone international with the sales, it will be one of the things I bring with me in my suitcase. It came with 12 different mini-bottle flavours and I can’t decide which of the 4 I’ve tried so far (apple, orange, diet peach tea, and diet cola) that I’m more addicted to already.

It is cold and rainy here and I’m really tired of feeling like shit. It has been two years since I’ve felt remotely like myself. It is like the batteries have died in the energizer bunny. I feel mildly nauseated most of the time and exhausted all of the time and no matter how much I sleep or rest without sleep it doesn’t do a whit. I slept most of today and just want to crawl back into bed. The hot flashes have been particularly bad this week, prompting my grousing and my even more than usual exhaustion level and when I sleep they really ramp up, so that about every half hour to 45 minutes I wake up literally wringing wet and burning alive and then shift pretty rapidly, after I do a strip tease for my cats, to shivering and freezing. I’ve got an appointment to see an immunologist just after the Pesach holidays but it is probably just my damn hormones gone nuts.


4 responses to “stuff”

  1. Mike says :

    Every time I hear somebody talk about their Sodastream machine, I feel bad I don’t drink soda or pop. (Anybody familiar with the U.S. knows there’s a dividing line out there where soda turns into pop, although I’m not sure of its exact location. Maybe its even still soda-pop somewhere, which is what my grandmother always called it. I grew up in the soda country of the East, but live deep in Western pop country now.) It’s not just that I want to support Israel, which I do, but it sounds like the machines are not only cool looking, but work really well.

    I love things where form and function meet and that sounds like Sodastream. I don’t even like fizzy water enough to justify the expense though. Oh well.

    Hope you get feeling better Yaeli.

  2. Mac says :

    Agree with Mike in the feeling better wishes!

  3. Mike says :

    Chag Semeach everybody.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Chag Sameach — Happy Purim! Sieze the opportunity to get utterly plastered with g-d’s approval 🙂

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