Israel prepares while the U.S. twiddles its thumbs

Where that missing jetliner full of people is, is anyone’s guess but the best guess is that it is at least 7 and 1/2 flying hours away from where it “disappeared.” Given the amount of things that needed to be disconnected, in disparate parts of the aircraft, the expertise needed to disable these things, the timing of things turned off, and the timing of the last communications with all that was turned off, it is pretty clear this was not a single man job. In other words, it wasn’t a single suicidal pilot who decided to take more than seven hours to kill himself and everyone on board with him somewhere in the Indian Ocean. That pretty much leaves the route toward Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and a variety of other -stans (as well as Iran and Iraq) as the most likely route and not to commit suicide but to land somewhere.

Israel has already taken preemptive measures should this airliner have been landed and is going to be used as an airborne missile (potentially carrying the equivalent of a nuclear bomb or devastating biological weapon material). Flights approaching anywhere near us (we are talking a couple of hundred miles further away than is normal procedure) now must identify themselves and be matched (through a variety of electronic data and not just pilot assurance) to cleared and verified airliners in the air.

No one else has done this so far, to their peril. It may be a “long shot” and, if this plane was successfully landed by the terrorist group clearly involved, this plane could be incognito for weeks, months, and more likely years (in the hopes that any safeguards set up would have been relaxed –not here), but if you aren’t prepared, the “unlikely” is likely to happen. We’ve done this and we aren’t likely to be the primary target. The U.S. is. Hello, 9/11? The U.S. had a ton of information, years before the 9/11 attacks, that there were plans to fly planes into buildings — no intelligence on when but intelligence that there were cells prepared and preparing for such an attack. It happened. Basic security steps (not involving removing one’s shoes) could have been implemented that would have prevented those attacks. Some of those steps have still, yet, not been implemented.

Preparing for the worst, the most unlikely, is far better than trying to play catch-up when you’ve got rogue planes flying into buildings around the country or planes hitting or exploding high above any part of your territory if they are filled with nuclear or nasty biological stuff.


One response to “Israel prepares while the U.S. twiddles its thumbs”

  1. Lynne says :

    I was talking to my surgeon today. He is from Lebanon, was severely injured as a child during the Civil War when his Christian village was attacked by Muslims—he is sick of the US and European media and their PC and unrealistic picture that they try to create, sick of Obama, sick of the US leadership —period.
    Don’t look to Obama for any kind of preparation or defense or any truthful statements at all. He is a weak, ineffective leader, who makes Carter look brilliant. Pathetic.
    My heart has been breaking thinking of all those innocent people on that airplane and their families who are suffering. No one can justify this kind of horror being done to people.

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