update on Princess Stubby Tail

Nesikha (pronunciation: Nessie-Kha but you have to make sure you sound like you are coughing up a furball when you do the ch/kha part) means “princess” in Hebrew and that is what I have decided to name the stubby-tailed black kitty. In her first couple of days in the big cage she lolled about on her plush pink and white bed, slept, groomed herself, and seemed to enjoy dining on much more gourmet fare than she was used to having. The last two nights, however, she has been like the princess and the pea at night. Yeowl! All night.

She’s got to stay in the cage for at least another week. She needs to get fully place acclimated, re-trusting-people acclimated, and, importantly, easily back into a carrier to get vetted for her shots next week. After that, I will let her have the run of Tovi’s old room. After that, it will depend on the logistics of when she will travel to our Dustie’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Sanctuary (DARA).

She is making great strides on the again trusting people front, or, at least, on the trust me front. After she was abducted, tortured and maimed by person or person’s unknown, she would hiss and scratch at me when I tried to pet her and even at my hand when I was putting down her food outside. Now, when I come in to feed her, she winds and presses against me and purrs when I pet her while she is eating. I know enough not to rush her and am not doing any outreach toward her, except when she is eating — I’m letting her work within her comfort zone and do the outreach mostly herself.


One response to “update on Princess Stubby Tail”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am so glad that you were able to catch her. Take some pictures when she is in a comfortable, relaxed mode, which may be a while yet as she gets used to being inside and around you.

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