now that’s progress

Yesterday things came together and let me get more things done than I’ve gotten done in weeks, all in one day. I taught in the morning and then headed to Tel Aviv. My first stop was the new office of my original dentist. He does really good work and it is still holding up with no problems nearly 10 years on. I’d switched, however, on the recommendation of the orthodontist I was seeing (I had braces on my teeth when I moved here, remember?!). But if anyone has seen me smile in the last couple of years, you can easily see that the recommendation was not a good one. We are talking filling disintegration nation. I’ve got an appointment next week to get a full check-out-what and when things in the mouth need to be done. Mind you, while looking forward to it, I’m not exactly looking forward to it (I hate undergoing dental work).

From there I walked on down, again, to my first apartment on Dizengoff. The ex-landlady’s daughter was again not home and she still hadn’t checked her over-flowing mailbox but, luckily, someone was coming out of the secured outer door and I was able to zip in, zip up, and slide a note under her door begging her to contact me ASAP. From there I went to the ex-landlady’s home apartment and this time my buzz was answered. Unfortunately, I was let in by the guys who are renovating the apartment. My ex-landlady has been installed in an old people’s home and the family is planning to sell her already gorgeous apartment (I don’t see how any renovations could improve it!) on Basel St. From the workmen, however, I got the contact information for the lawyer (not the lawyer I need) of her other daughter.

I dropped two bags of kitchen gadgets that I won’t be able to take with me but that some new olim had mentioned they needed off at their new apartment. I stopped and splurged on a working meal at a cafe and had the fun of it turning into personal time when my Ema called.

Then, on the bus home, the ex-landlady’s daughter called and I’ve now got the contact info for the lawyer.


4 responses to “now that’s progress”

  1. Lynne says :

    Wonderful news!!!!!! Yay!

  2. Paul says :

    May I ask the name/address of the dentist you’re satisfied with? I’m looking for a good dentist.Thanks.

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