No surprises: Abbas rejects all 3 core peace issues

In his meeting with Obama, Abbas rejects ever recognizing Israel as a Jewish State, rejects that millions of descendents of refugees (original refugees are all in their late 60s if they were born in the year they became refugees) around the world would return to a Palestinian State and insists that, instead, Israel must accept them as citizens, and, finally rejects committing to an ‘end to conflict’ and violent actions against Israel following any ‘peace deal.’

No surprises here. The Palestinians have rejected every peace deal they were offered, even when Ehud Barak with Bill Clinton’s backing, offered Arafat far more than Arafat and the Palestinians had been demanding back in 2000. They opted for a violent ‘intifada’ instead.

All I can say is, build, baby, build.


One response to “No surprises: Abbas rejects all 3 core peace issues”

  1. Lynne says :

    The Palestinian leadership is crazy and corrupt, but they are not the only ones. Any leader, whether in Europe, the US, or wherever that seriously considers the possibility of peace without peace partners for Israel, is even more crazy.

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