too greedy for collard greens

Yesterday I caused myself to have a very unpleasant allergic reaction. I am really allergic to anything that has significant quantities of vitamin C in it (I’m actually highly allergic to salicylate but the rule of thumb is that if it is high in C it is also high in salicylate acid) and so have to be careful to not glut on down on things like oranges, spinach, strawberries — essentially all my favourite fruit and veggies. I limit myself to three oranges a week and never eat an entire orange in one sitting. With spinach, while a primo meal would be a huge tureen of spinach and nothing else, spinach is quite expensive here and so I dole out little side servings of the frozen stuff as pretty rare treats and am not tempted to court danger. Ahhh but I’ve got a motherlode of collard greens growing out in my garden. The plants are huge. There are a lot of them. So yesterday I harvested a nice big basket of leaves off them, leaving still gargantuan plants still a-growing. I cooked up a big pot and baked up some cornbread to go with them.

I fixed a small serving size of the collards and a slice of cornbread as a mid-morning/breakfast snack. The collards were good. They were really, really good. I was so enamoured of my garden creation that I had a second serving of them. A few hours later I was feeling a bit peckish and so…had some more. A few more hours later, I fixed an early dinner — more collards and another slice of cornbread. I was just in collard green heaven.

About an hour after dinner, I started to swell up. My lips started to swell, my hands swelled into little beefy sausage like things, hives started popping up on my arms and wrists and neck. My head started aching and I felt sick just all over. I made an emergency run to the pharmacy and got benadryl and took a double dose. It took hours for the hives to finally fade and I was still slightly swelled up when I left for work this morning. All is good now but me and the collards are going to have a serious talk about moderation and small portions.


4 responses to “too greedy for collard greens”

  1. Lynne says :

    You are allergic to vitamin C especially, and that developed when you were around 9 years old (?) when you ate a bunch of the delicious oranges from Plaquemines Parish. So, to be on the safe side and because there are related allergies to similar substances to vitamin C (like aspirin), you should keep Benadryl on hand at home and in your purse at all times. Just to be on the safe side. Seriously. You should probably see an allergist/immunologist for allergy testing and advice.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, I was five and they thought at first it was an allergy to chocolate because we kids drank so much chocolate milk but were able to pinpoint it down to the oranges via diet item elimination. I am usually pretty good about keeping benadryl on hand but when we went through that serious cold snap i exhausted my supply (yeah, also allergic to cold) and kept putting off a trip to re-stock.

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