a good Tel Aviv day

This morning I taught my class, met with students, collected paperwork I need for my U.S. taxes, and dealt with a bit of work paperwork. Then I headed to the bus for Tel Aviv.

I’d not heard from the lawyer and discovered a voice message letting me know he no longer used that phone number the ex-landlady’s daughter gave me. So I went to the Azrieli towers armed with the address she had given me. Up I went to the floor she told me but soon discovered that they had moved their offices down to the floor below. The lawyer was out to lunch when I got there but he gave me a call back before I left the Azrieli shopping mall (I was trying to find a shop that sells the syrups for Sodastream –I’ve found a couple of places but they only carry the cola, diet cola, orange, and diet tea: I got a big bottle of the diet cola free and I did buy the orange flavour when I found it but what I really, really want is the Apple (best damn thing I’ve had to drink like ever), the Dr. Pete, and Rootbeer. Alas, no luck on the syrup front but the lawyer is now searching the archives for all the paperwork and hopefully will find it by Monday at the latest.

From there I headed to the dentist. I had time to get a quick half sandwich before my 4 pm appointment at a cafe close to his office. He checked me out and, by luck, the dental hygienist had a cancellation and I was able to get my teeth cleaning done right after he finished the exam, x-rays, and impressions. I also got these cool new wooden toothpick like things from them in a size that specifically fits my very narrow spacing between most of my teeth and that are supposed to be way better than ye olde regular dental floss. I’ve got an appointment next week set up to get that tooth I broke several years ago now finally fixed (the cap on a crown fell off) and after that fix the cosmetic disaster the disaster dentist created with two of my fillings.


One response to “a good Tel Aviv day”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am very happy to hear that you had a good day!

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