CATastrophe and my unexpected new computer

On Thursday night, just minutes after I posted my blog post and got off the phone with my Ema, I went into the kitchen to collect my toasted dinner sandwich and a big glass of freshly made (thanks to Sodastream) orange soda. I carried them into the living room and was just setting down the plate with my sandwich on my only ‘table’ (a coffee table) next to the computer when Mischa leaped onto the table and skittered into the hand that was in the process of placing the soda. The soda went sky high and then came down. Soggy orange soda toasted cheese sandwich anyone? Not only was the sandwich drenched and ruined but a copious amount splashed across the keyboard of the computer. I had one of those keyboard covers that is supposed to protect your computer from major spills of “beer, coffee, milk and other liquids.” Yeah. Don’t believe the hype. Their claims of protecting your computer from dust and crumbs are quite valid but when it comes to liquids….a very definite bogus award should be given.

Before I could even reach for my napkin or other cloth items, the screen on the computer started flashing back and forth between black and white. The connected speaker started emitting a strange static and squawk. The lights on the (I haven’t had the nerve to check to see what damage may have been done to them yet) two connected external drives started flashing like mad. I unplugged the computer immediate and started wiping up, around, underneath but could not get the computer to turn off. I unplugged the drives frantically. I flipped over the computer and took out the battery to finally shut it down. Long story short, the next morning when everything was fully dry — the computer was dead as a doornail. I must say that, other than grieving over the cost of buying a new computer that I can ill afford, I did not grieve over the computer itself. It was a lemon from the get-go, losing the ability to change from English to Hebrew and losing the speaker sound within the first 3 days of purchase.

Yesterday morning the first thing I had to do was to go to the Ayalon mall to try to find another computer. The big box store where I bought the lemon was gone and there were only two other places in the mall selling computers of any description. I went to Bug but they only had 4 models, most of which were of the HP Lemon variety and all of which were more than 4,000 shekels. The other store had 7 models, four of which had the old intel core i3 processor (Two Acer, one Asus and one Dell). The Dell with a core i5 (and one terabyte disk drive) was 4,000. But they had an Acer with core i5 and 500 gigabyte disk space for 2600 sheks. (They had one computer not on display with a core i7 but it was over 6,000 sheks). Hello Acer Aspire V5 572 and welcome to my apartment. I’m not seriously thrilled to have you (or any computer running windows 8 –what was Microsoft thinking?) but you are better than a non-functioning computer and hopefully not as bad as the HP lemon you are replacing.

I also managed to find my sought-after apple (tapuach) sodastream syrup in the mall –if anyone knows where to find Dr. Pete or Rootbeer please let me know.

Now, here’s the irony. For the last 7 years I’ve had no less than 8 cats and no more than 18 cats running wild and free in my apartment at any one time. They did nefarious things like prying off keys from the keyboard (bad Gingi!!) but never managed to flip over drink or food onto the various computers I’ve had. Now, with only three on the loose (Nesicha Stubby Tail is confined), one has done so and killed a computer and it wasn’t Batya The Batter who is famous for flipping over anything with liquid in it, nor my blind Little Mouse but the least likely cat out of all the more than 32 cats that have one time lived with me in my ten years in Israel (some placed into happy good homes, some who sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge) who is to blame. Bad Mischa!! Well, when he was a baby cat, way back in 1999, he did earn a nickname of Mischa Mechant so much so that I bought a little sign reading ‘chat mechant’ (bad cat) to put over his food bowl. He grew out of that but, in his old age, he is obviously regressing to childhood.


13 responses to “CATastrophe and my unexpected new computer”

  1. Lynne says :

    Those of us that like cats and dogs have to put up with a fair amount of inconvenience.

  2. tddpirate says :

    No cats in my life because I do not feel I can take “fair amount of inconvenience” in stride.

    • Lynne says :

      TddPirate, it’s really difficult to “take a fair amount of inconvenience” in stride…nearly impossible at others 🙂 I remember my simple life when I had no cats. Rescuing multiples is hard.

  3. Lynne says :

    I haven’t written much about the rescued Israeli cats in my care, and that is partly because I am so busy taking care of them. Like, cleaning up messes, breaking up spats among them, trying to get them comfortable… etc. I am astonished at their level of activity and the things that they get into. They manage to climb to the ceiling in the kitchen, they hide so well that I cannot locate them and have to pray that they are actually inside the house somewhere, and they get into everything. Missy grabbed a tea towel in her mouth and ran around the room with it. Muffin knocked every item off every surface in the living room. She disengaged the speakers from the TV. I could stuff two king size pillows with the fur that Fluffy has shed on my sofa alone. But today was the limit: I walked into the house from the backyard (I’d only been outside for ten minutes) to find that one of them had turned on a stove top burner. Yes, really. I am taking off all the knobs now to prevent that from happening again. I’ve never seen anything like these cats!! They are entertaining; I will admit that.

  4. XsouthAfricanGal says :

    I have had cats and dogs but never got up to those things .. If they did my mom would probably kick me out with the cats..(then I never had 13 cats all at once so…)

    • Lynne says :

      Hi, XSouthAfricanGal, I’ve never had cats get into all those things either! It’s rather surprising. Not all of them behave that way thank goodness. All of these cats are spoiled and expect only the best now 🙂 There are three siblings: Sparkle, Yafah, and Missy who are just unique in their behavior. They spin when they are happy and excited, they are the main ones to get into things, and they are very territorial…but also entertaining and fun. The two ferals, Fluffy and Leeza, are into things as well and they also climbed to the top of the kitchen ceiling, along with Missy. I’m getting my act together to deal with them by being as prepared as possible and by arranging things for maximum efficiency. I have some hope of finding homes for those two. I am super careful about placing animals though, and want to try to be as sure as possible that they are going into good homes, forever homes, and won’t be abandoned at some future time.
      Taking care of them is time-consuming and lots of work, but satisfying to see them thriving and happy. I always think that rescued animals are particularly grateful and happy in their new situation. Wish you lived in Austin, and I’d give you a cat as a house-warming present 🙂

  5. Sue Baldock says :

    Lynne, this is a photo of my Israeli cat, taken just this morning – as you can see, he also likes being up on high!

    • Lynne says :

      Sue, so cute!! Yep, my lazy Austin, Texas cats have never ventured up so high. The Israeli cats did so immediately! Love your cat 🙂 He looks so happy and well-cared for—lucky he has you in his life.

    • Lynne says :

      Sue, did you rescue this sweet cat from homelessness in Israel? Was this one of the “licorice sticks”? (You’ll know what I mean if it was. I remember the rescue of two very skinny little black cats and wondered if this was one of them?)

  6. israeliminx says :

    Sue what an awesome picture of your Shachory!

    Lynne — that is one of the little licorice sticks. And Pirate might try to act all cat unconnected but we couldn’t have rescued those two without him!

    Xsag — hey wanna try? I can connect you up with more than a handful….it is kitten season now. 🙂

    • Lynne says :

      Oh, my! He is fat and sassy now, not starving or homeless 🙂 So adorable! It was his lucky day when Sue saw him. The BEST kind of luck!!

  7. Sue Baldock says :

    Sorry, Lynne and Yaeli – only just seen your posts here. Yes, that is Shachory, one of the two licorice sticks I adopted with Yael’s help – now almost 4 years old! I actually rehomed his brother, Apollo, to my work colleague as he did not like living with my other cats so now he shares a palatial home with one other cat near the beach and his new owner tells me he comes in through the cat flap with seaweed in his mouth from his walks along the beach! Billy, who looked after the cats in Tel Aviv, came to visit me a year ago and was reunited with both Shachory and Apollo. I am very happy I have them but boy, is Shachory a naughty one!

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