shooting happening at Fort Hood (2 shooters? related to the jihadi recruit?)

Just a few days ago there was a manhunt for a marine recruit who had joined up with the intention to commit jihad on a military base — he was arrested and put in a psychiatric hospital yesterday. Now there is a shooting going on at Fort Hood. NBC news is reporting two shooters, one who has been taken out and one still at large. Of course, there may be just one shooter — with information in flux and confusion on the ground, it may be awhile before we know much of anything. Considering the timing, with that major manhunt and arrest of the wannabe jihadi just days ago, one has to wonder if there is a connection. The wannabe jihadi was very vocal online about his plans — were the people or person involved in this current shooting inspired to carry this out as a result of his failed attempt? Were they part of a sleeper cell with him?

There are reports of multiple casualties. Thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims folks.


One response to “shooting happening at Fort Hood (2 shooters? related to the jihadi recruit?)”

  1. Lynne says :

    Frankly, I thought when I read about the wannabee terrorist that the FBI and DHS, etc. were a bunch of inept fools. Obama’s administration is so busy spying on Merkel and other allies and all the US citizens, but not effectively dealing with real dangers to the US citizens. These bureaucracies are so huge and totally unaccountable to anyone no matter what they do wrong or fail to do right. It is a huge mess. Security is mostly an illusion in the US.
    Ah, Fort Hood is not very far from Austin, so this is a tragedy that will be felt in the community in a severe way…it would be upsetting if it were around the world, perhaps a degree more so when it’s close by.

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