The Palestinian leadership is officially completely crazy

Ok, so here are the new demands the Palestinians are making in order for them to ‘continue talking’ about talking about a peace settlement

1. A written commitment by Prime Minister Benjamin Netnayahu that the borders of the Palestinian state will be along the 1967 ‘green-line’ and that its capital will be East Jerusalem. (Hello, those are what we are fricking negotiating over)

2. The release of 1,200 Palestinian prisoners, including political heavyweights Marwan Barghouti, Ahmed Saadat and Fuad Shubkhi. (Welcome to la la fantasy land people!)

3.An end to the Egyptian-Israeli blockade on Gaza, and the formulation of dealing allowing the flow of goods into Gaza. (First, like we control Egypt? Second we continue to send in goods to Gaza except for goods that can be used to make weapons. Nutburger-ville.)

4. A halt in construction in East Jerusalem. (Delusional)

5. The IDF will not be allowed to enter Area A – the area of the West Bank under autonomous PA control since the Oslo Accords – to conduct arrests or assassinations

6. Israel will permit the PA control over Area C – currently under Israel’s control. (This is another thing we are supposed to be negotiating about and it is unlikely to happen in the framework of any settlement we would agree to)

7. The Palestinians known as the Church of Nativity deportees – a group of terrorists who barricaded themselves in the Church of the Nativity on April 2, 2002 and were later deported to European nations and the Gaza Strip – will be allowed to return to the West Bank. (Not in your wildest dreams)

8. The reopening of a number of Palestinian development agencies Israel shut down. (Yes because they were terrorist fronts, so no way)

You know, why not just say that you have no interest in actually negotiating anything. A little honesty would go a long way. Not being fricking out the box nuts would go even farther.


11 responses to “The Palestinian leadership is officially completely crazy”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief. Completely disgusting. You know that I do not dislike the Palestinian people as a group (I try to judge people as individuals.), but the Palestinian leadership is just horrible. Deranged.

  2. Mike says :

    You know, when the Pollard-prisoner release-negotiations deal was in play, I didn’t like it, but thought Israel should do it. It’s in Israel’s interest to drag out negotiations, even negotiations going nowhere as long as possible.

    Once the Palestinians go to the UN, there’s a lot that can be done to thwart them. But it’s not at al clear that the Obama administration will take those steps. So the closer Israel can get to the end of Obama’s term the better. His foreign policy is so bad that whoever is next (Repub or Dem) is going to run as far as possible from it. (No point talking about how much damage Obama can do between now and when he leaves office.)

    But, the current Palestinian demands are so rediculous that Israel has no choice but to walk away. The first thing Israel should do is stop sending new paper currency to Palestinian banks.

  3. Mac says :

    And don’t forget the Bundt cake….

  4. israeliminx says :

    We want Pollard released but not connected to the “peace” talks — he should be released because he has been held far longer than literally all the other people tried for much more serious espionage charges (we are talking decades longer). The Pollard case has nothing to do with the Palestinians and nor should it. Not even Pollard wants to be released with these strings attached.

    I think it is time to annex Judea and Sumeria. We have every right to do so under international law. I’d suggest annexing portions of them (the areas where we have large population centers plus a bit more for room to grow) and retaining our right to annex the rest or more portions in the future. We have more than a million Israelis who can’t buy homes because of lack of available dwellings and the price of those that are available in the center of the country — build, build, build in Judea and Sumeria and offer those apartments at affordable prices to all Israeli citizens who have not been able to buy a first home (Jews, Muslims and Christians who are citizens).

    We should definitely stop sending on the Palestinian tax money.

    They want to go unilateral, we should show them unilateral. I’ve said for a long while now, however, that we should have been the ones to act unilaterally first –he who does retains and gains power, he who responds has lost but if he doesn’t respond, he really loses.

    And Mac, LOL!!!

    • dumbledoresarmy says :

      This Gentile Aussie is totally with you, as regards Judea and Samaria..and the Mount of Olives and Temple Mount and Old City generally, as well. Israel should unapologetically claim what is historically Jewish Traditional Land, and build on it, farm on it, rehabilitate it, revegetate it, and basically live in it. And when you do claim it, if the Australian government is stupid enough to remonstrate with you, I and a whole heap of other Aussies will let them know loud and clear that we as fair-minded people believe that the Jewish state of Israel, the one and only Jewish state in the whole wide world, has every right to live on and enjoy sovereignty over Jewish/ Hebrew/ Israelite traditional land that is chock full of Jewish Sacred Sites; and that we also believe that for Israel to survive indefinitely as a Jewish state which happens to be surrounded by rabidly genocidal Jew-haters, Israel needs to hold the military high ground, i.e. heights of Judea and Samaria, Mt Zion, and the Jordan Valley.

      • israeliminx says :

        I don’t suppose you’d volunteer to be cloned Dumbledoresarmy? 🙂 We could definitely use a lot more decent and clear-thinking folks like you. It is good to know you’ve got our back!

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    If I were the PM of Israel, I would expulse ALL the Muslims living in Israel, as the Arab countries did with their Jews at the creation of the State of Israel.
    It is very simple, there is no future LONG-TERM in Israel for Jews to live IN PEACE with Muslims, including with Muslims who are Israelis!! That is the reality in Israel.

    Even with a peace agreement with the Muslims-Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, what they would have not asked at one time, they would ask later on!
    You give these Muslim thieves part of the land of Israel and later on they definitively want to have the entire Land of Israel. Again, that is the reality with the bogus, crooked thieves called the Palestinians!

    • Lynne says :

      Wipe Out , though I often agree with you, I do not on this matter. There are many, many Muslim Israelis who own businesses, work in the community, make contributions to Israeli daily life. Not too long ago, there was a featured article about a young Muslim man who was serving in the IDF, and true, he did face disapproval and contempt from many other Arab Israelis, he chose to serve. For that matter, there are many, many wonderful Palestinians as well. I just think it impossible to judge an entire group of people as one, and though it is difficult for me, I try to judge people as individuals. It’s hard; I admit.

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