Today was an extremely long day but seriously productive. I was up most of the night getting things together to submit to the court. After I taught my morning class I went to the library and it took me three hours to get my deposition typed up in Hebrew and printed. I needed to take a cab from the school to Tel Aviv in order to get to my dentist appointment on time. I got there just at 4. I now have a new temporary crown on that root canal tooth. Yeah!!

I walked from the dentist office all the way to courthouse and when I got there discovered I needed to make three copies of everything. That took about an hour. I discovered I could have brought everything to them tomorrow morning because they are open until 11. Had I known, I would have taken everything to Ronen for a final look-over tonight but by the time I discovered that, it was too late in the evening to arrange it. That’s ok, it is a relief to have gotten everything submitted. I got home about 45 minutes ago and stuffed myself on 3 pieces of the pizza I picked up. I was so hungry I could have eaten a cat or two of mine!

I’ve got a major headache but it doesn’t even bother me I am so relieved to have gotten so much taken care of today.


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