Ambassador Power: Defunding UN Agencies for Admitting ‘Palestine’ Hurts U.S.

It is easy to see why the Palestinian leaders have grown more crazy than usual with their new demands –they’ve discovered they can act with impunity and the Obama administration will back them, coddle them, and incite them to further acts.

CNS News reports

Defunding United Nations agencies that admit “Palestine” is not in the interests of the U.S., Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power argued Wednesday, because doing so constitutes a “double win” for the Palestinians.

Not only do they score by gaining admission to a U.N. body, she told the House Appropriations’ subcommittee responsible for foreign operations, they also benefit by having U.S. influence in that body reduced, making way for the likes of Russia, China and Cuba to take the lead.

Power was arguing for lawmakers to support a waiver to provisions in U.S. law that prohibit funding for any U.N. agency “which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.”

That legal requirement forced the Obama administration to defund the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization after it became the first U.N. agency to admit the Palestinian Authority, in late 2011. For two years the administration sought a waiver, without success, and last November the U.S. lost its voting rights at UNESCO as a result of being two years in arrears.

UNESCO’s loss of the 22 percent of its budget the U.S. had been providing hit the agency hard. After U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon fretted about the financial implications to the world body, the P.A. suspended plans to extend its U.N. recognition campaign.

As a result, many lawmakers viewed the funding cutoff as an effective deterrent.

But Power said Wednesday that the defunding requirement harms U.S. interests more than those of the Palestinians.
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4 responses to “Ambassador Power: Defunding UN Agencies for Admitting ‘Palestine’ Hurts U.S.”

  1. Mike says :

    Some of you might remember that during operation Pillar of Defense, I provided some analysis that Israel had nothing to worry about because the U.S. State Department had not just condemned, but strongly condemned Palestinian rocket fire at Israel. I determined that this large supply of adverbs, along with a big adjective stockpile would keep Israel safe.

    Unfortunately after further analysis looking at U.S. actions in Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea and other global hotspots, its clear the Obama administration is facing a shortage of verbs. Power’s comments confirm this. It’s also clear this lack of verbs has hurt Obama not just internationally, but domestically as well.

    These are very dark days when the Palestinians and others issue ultimatums, and the U.S. can’t act.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, I agree. I have a number of adjectives for Obama and those in his administration: Incompetent, feckless, worthless, irresponsible, weak, and I could add others. Definitely, Obama has weakened the US internationally and domestically. I fear the damage he can do in the next few years.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mike you can’t be faulted for having drawn that conclusion because the U.S. has, until Obama came along, always been a strong ally to Israel and a strong leader of the free world.

      I think the way things are shaking out, especially in terms of Israel, are exactly what Obama has wanted from the beginning. Look at Egypt — he threw full support behind the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization in deed if not in name) and their efforts to oppress the Egyptian people and is shunning the current regime that is far more in line with American values. He wanted the U.S. to lead from behind, in other words, take a back seat –a diminished and subservient role –and not be a leading nation, etc.

      • Lynne says :

        No US leader in recent history has been as hated as Obama is in Egypt, according to the Egyptian blogs that I read.

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