Cross your fingers: The Minx has made an offer on a farm in Texas

To be accurate, my Ema has just made an offer for me since I am not there. What will $38,000 hopefully get me? Now some people might argue that 1 acre of land is not a farm, especially since it is not out in the country but in the middle of a neighbourhood. I am here to tell you different. That one acre comes with a house (badly in need of major repairs), a barn (eh yeah, repairs), a big chicken coop, a big area for goats fenced with special goat fencing, and a whole lotta growing space. Best of all, the growing space only has trees along the fenced edges of the property and the rest is open field just ready for me to do a lot of container and raised bed growing. It is zoned so that I could have a little farm stand out in the front and sell my organically grown fruit and veggies, heirloom tomatoes, plant starts, and freshly collected eggs from the free range chickens.

If the Israeliminx is going to be in exile for awhile, at least she will be surrounded by her million cats, and the addition of rescued chickens, sheep, and goats. We’ll be able to set up Dustie’s Animal Rescue and Adoption sanctuary at Gan Eden (which is what I am planning to name my little farm).

I’m hoping that they will accept the offer. The agent was very positive when we approached him about it. It is 8K more than I was hoping to find a place for but since it comes with a coop and chicken run already (those suckers are expensive) and, even if the barn needs to be torn down (and it might), the weathered boards can be re-purposed and save on costs of some of the other things I will need to build for the kitties, etc.

On the gardening side here, the mad landscapers came today but they did not do as much damage to the garden as before. True, they killed the three tomato plants, the oregano, mint, nana and parsley but they left the eggplants, the green onions (I think they left the green onions), and the collards alone. One of the collard greens has grown up to nearly chest height on me — I’ve never seen the like– and they are all just huge and quite pretty. Tomorrow, once the dust and pollen has settled, I need to harvest some and make up a lentil and collard green soup, and cook some ‘just the greens, please’ to freeze in single serving sizes. Collard greens will keep fresh for a week if you seal them in a plastic bag and put them in the fridge, or if you cook and then freeze (with a good amount of the water you cook them in), they are good for 6 months. Then you can use them out of season like you would frozen spinach or for popping into summer soups or slow-cooked beans.


4 responses to “Cross your fingers: The Minx has made an offer on a farm in Texas”

  1. Jake from Philly says :

    Good luck with the offer on the farm, Yael! That sounds like it would be great if you could get it!

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    I would think that for 3.8 million you could get more than an acre. I was driving through Texas this past week end and I saw an 800 acre place for sale. Looked nice. Came with a house that looked to have 14 rooms.
    (Oh, did I mis read that? its not 3.8 million? Oh, its 38 million! You can probably get 8000 acres for that.)

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    bless you! Hope all goes well. And think: when you do go you will leave behind a bit of the soil of eretz Israel that is just a little healthier and more fertile than when you came to it. Some of your neighbours – who’ve seen you working and growing things, and helped you eat tomatoes and other goodies – may be inspired; who knows, maybe some of those little haredi kids in the family you befriended will decide it’s a mitzvah to *grow* things – right there in the city – and they’ll have some ideas about how to do it, from watching you.

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