I lost the farm

It is rather depressing. Actually, it is really, really depressing. If they would have come down on their price by another $1,000 I would have my farm. It was a perfect location because it was actually inside a city rather than being rural, had water, (city sewage!), and electric wired to the property and it already had a lot of the out-buildings and fenced areas I’m going to need, as well as the minimum amount of land. Unfortunately, the house had such gerry-rigged wiring that the electric company is turning off the lights and refusing to turn them back on until the house is completely re-wired. That will cost at least $800 and more likely $1,000 from the estimates and that is $1,000 too much for me.

I’m still thinking maybe I should say the hell with electricity in the standard sense for right now and instead get a used portable generator (they go for between $250-$350) to power basic light (one or two bulbs), small fridge, and charging cell phone and lap top. I don’t really need more electricity than that (having an internet connection at the house would be nice but probably not on the menu if I find a place in a rural setting at any rate — finding a place with water, septic, electricity ready to connect and any sort of dwelling already in place is probably not going to be on the menu).

I’m looking at a couple of rural places now that are possibilities: 1-2 acres for between 18-25k but they all have no dwellings and the saved 13-18k would all have to go to getting water lines run to the property, electricity run to the property, a septic system installed, all the outbuildings built —and still no house of any sort.


6 responses to “I lost the farm”

  1. Lynne says :

    Well, you could sign the contract and you have 14 days to get an inspection and based on that, you could make a counter-offer to compensate for the defects found on the property. All you’d risk is $50.00 to void the contract…. it IS a good location, but make no mistake, that is a property that will require a great deal of renovation in terms of time and money and energy. You can still sign that offer….

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, my understanding is that they were absolutely unwilling to go under our absolute max (with a stretch) of $38,500 and that was before we knew we’d need to have an initial immediate outlay of the $1k for electric re-wiring. To make the house itself middle-class American it would take at least $20-30k in renovations at a minimum and involve adding bathrooms and bedrooms — something not really necessary or worth the investment. The land (land plus location) is 70-90% of what you are paying for. This amount of land is at an outrageously cheap price — consider the place a couple of blocks away going for $35k with a quarter of the land and the house being a tear-down.

      • Lynne says :

        I wonder it the sellers would prefer a sure deal for less than they said that they would take…. they might. But see Coyote’s comment below. You may find something much better.
        Yes, I do agree. The value is in that land. It is a great location.

  2. Coyote says :

    I lost a house while house hunting. I found another. It was even better than the house I lost. So hang in … you will find your dream house with room for your kitties, your mom :), and everything else that you want!

  3. Mike says :

    Sorry to hear it.

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