Little Mouse update: Gaining weight

Following getting his rabies vaccine just before his 16 real and adopted siblings were taken on the great cat transport to Texas, the Mousie’s immune system was really slammed and the steroid shots were giving him less than two weeks of relief with his severe stomatitis (inflamed gums and throat lining). He got so skinny that every vertebrae on his back was visible and his hip bones jutted up in a very scary way. I was really thinking that it might be time…BUT in the last few weeks he has been rallying.

Running my hand over his soft fur just a bit ago, I could not feel any of his vertebrae jutting up. His sides have lost that concave look. He is much plumper (still skinny but way better) and much perkier. He was running about playing this morning, attacking the shoe he stumbled over (my bad having kicked them off in the middle of the floor instead of just inside the door).

Now if I can just get poor old Mischa more on the mend.


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