argh the darn critters

While Mousie continues to do well, the other three are all sick. I took Nesicha Stubby Tail in yesterday to get her vaccine but she is coming down with an upper respiratory and was running a fever. She got a shot of antibiotics but not the vaccine. Now, I’m trying to get the pills into her via hiding them in her food but without much success. Now Batya appears to have an abscessing tooth. For the last couple of days she’s not been trying to frantically and deviously get at Mischa’s wet food. Then today she started growling and pawing at her face when she bit into one of the hard kibbles. She ran around the apartment and went into major drool mode. It has happened every time she’s tried to eat today. On Sunday I’m going to have to try to get her in to the vet.


2 responses to “argh the darn critters”

  1. Lynne says :

    With animals, it is always something. Always. At the moment, everyone here is ok, though a few need dentals (but not urgently). Nothing so serious as an infected tooth, thank goodness.

  2. Lynne says :

    Give us an update on Batya.

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