anyone want some collard greens?

The collard greens in my garden, especially the plant that is now more than four feet tall!, are the gifts that keep on giving, and giving, and….giving. I’ve given big batches to all my neighbours, to the two holocaust survivors in the building next door (one batch that I pre-cooked for them, one batch that they could cook themselves), and for weeks now have been adding it to the soups I’ve made (white beans and collards, split pea and collards) and eaten it in small batches cooked up. Yesterday, celebrating the end of a pretty hellish work week, I went out and cut a huge bowl full and put them on soaking in cold salted water overnight. Today, I’ve got to figure out something to do with them. I could have cut 8 or 9 times as much off those plants and barely have made a dent in them.

I thought the gardeners had fully killed the thyme and oregano plants but they have both popped back up from the soil and are starting to regrow. One of the eggplants, of the three that survived through the winter, is getting huge and it is covered with flowers. The second is doing ‘okay’ and the third is really spindly so I think I will pull it out. Last summer I had 12 eggplant (aubergine) plants growing and harvested about 20 eggplants from them. I’m not planting anything except for radishes and other quickie plants as I won’t be here to care for them and gather the harvest (well, I could have planted toms and so forth that would have a June-July harvest but I expect I’ll be pretty crazy with preparing for an international move during that time). I’m going to let the green onions go to seed (one already has a beautiful flower on it) and hopefully self-seed themselves for my neighbours next door if they decide to follow through on their plans to take over the veggie plot. I am thinking of putting in some cucumbers…


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