taking care of business

This week, after the holiday, Nesicha will finally get vaccinated, on Thursday I get more dental work done, and on Friday I see the gastroenterologist to try to figure out what is wrong with me (something definitely is). I’ve also finally gotten a meeting set up with my life insurance folks. Right now I’ve got pretty minimal life insurance (50Kish) and have raised and lowered it a couple of times over the last 8 years (up and then down pre and then post miscarriages). I plan to up the insurance to 250k, the max I think I can afford, to cover the care of the 32 cats (mine and my mother’s) for up to 12 years in the event that I get hit by a bus in like two weeks plus one day (heh) and enough for a trust fund for my niece so that she will have a decent start in life (in 18 years with probable inflation, it will be little enough), 50k for my bro (especially if put toward the ivf costs of a second baby — and baby niecelet will need to share her trust with any siblings that come along), 50k to help my Ema cover medical costs and that will devolve into the trust fund for the niecelet if I, as expected, outlive her, and 8k to cover all possible costs of shipping my body back here for burial should I croak off while abroad. Essentially, I want to insure that I am worth a lot more dead than alive. When I die, the legacy of my insurance will be the only thing of value I leave behind and the only mark and worth of my existence. When taken out of the evolutionary pattern, there is damn little worth to your life unless you are someone like Einstein or Jonas Salk (and they both managed to remain in the evolutionary loop). At least I’ll be able to leave the value of small suburban home.


5 responses to “taking care of business”

  1. tddpirate says :

    A rather macabre post.
    Reminds me of the time I drew up my will (I have two nieces who will have, when the time comes, to share my apartment, a computer and few books).
    You forgot to mention your scientific heritage, though. A list of your scientific papers and books and a count of your M.Sc. and Ph.D. students would be a nice addition.

  2. chairwoman says :

    That’s made me cry, Yaeli. Not that I don’t approve of everything you hope to achieve both in this one and whatever other one(s) there may be.

    i wish I had been so fiscally savvy at your age, but the outlook was painted very differently when I was younger.

  3. israeliminx says :

    Well, I try to be pragmatic, especially when it comes to finances. We went through utter hell when my grandfather died intestate (I had to take off weeks from college to try to sort through his “files” that had grocery receipts from 1952 mixed in with current financial documents to try to figure things out. Considering that he’d been the top accountant for Exxon, my jaw was just on the floor at the state of his files. He’d become seriously paranoid in his last years –clearly–and had hidden bank accounts, hidden lawyers in multiple states, and we know we didn’t find all his accounts and probably not all the lawyers but certainly not a final will –every lawyer had a different version and each said he’d signed something saying it wasn’t the final one and that another undisclosed lawyer had the final one–and the upshot was that the government got damn nearly everything). I’m assuming that when I do eventually go my little bro will be the one dealing with all ‘end’ things and it will be hard enough for him given the multiple continents and languages we span, so getting things as clearly as possible in order now is important.

    I’m pragmatic about my life as well. I’ve had amazing personal experiences. I’ve published some things — that’s nice. I’ve hopefully touched some other people’s lives in positive ways and will keep on doing so until my final shalom . Essentially, though, I’m a candle that burns alone and is gone rather than one that lights an unending chain of candles. Whether you come at it from a scientific evolutionary perspective or a religious perspective you come to the same place –za ma yesh (it is what it is). I’ve made my peace (mostly, heh, sometimes I shake my fist at the evolutionary bitch) with it.

    • Lynne says :

      You are in a gloomy frame of mind. Frankly, you have a lot of life left in you and plenty to accomplish ahead. Truly.

      • israeliminx says :

        Well yes of course. When I do go however I want to leave some sort of meaningful something behind.to ensure that while I’ll disappear into the evolutionary scrap heap, the bro and your line will have the best chance not to suffer the same fate.

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