Yom HaZikaron

Remembering our fallen heroes –our soldiers who fell in battle and our civilians who were murdered by terrorists –is an important part of the fabric of our country. Today there are numerous ceremonies (I went to one this morning) across the country. Some are dedicated to our soldiers, some to victims of terror, and some, like the one I went to today, to both. You can’t live in this country long and not, unfortunately, get a close tie to someone being commemorated on this day. In fact, you’ll likely have many. I’ve got friends who survived bombings very much not unscathed, friends who lost brothers in the Second Lebanon War and Cast Lead. I lost a student in the Second Lebanon War. One of my best students who graduated several years ago lost a brother in a terror attack as he was driving to his home. He left behind 5 orphaned children. Today is a day of heaviness of heart.

I’ve posted in years past about how our television stations are devoted for 24 hours solely to bringing the lives and the incredible loss they’re deaths have brought not only to those who knew and loved them but to our whole country — the loss of the promise and achievements they would have fulfilled and made us all the richer. Our radio stations play no happy songs, our DJs make no jokes. Today is a day to really understand the heavy cost of our survival and freedom. Tonight, of course, we will celebrate that freedom with wild abandon, joy, and happy song but today, today we focus on the those who gave their lives so that we can laugh, sing, and fulfill our promise in a free and democratic Jewish State.

Here are some songs for Yom HaZikaron. This one is played at many ceremonies and it tells the story (you can read the story along in the English subtitles) of the many lives lost on the road to the Valley Gate in Jerusalem during our War of Independence.

This is one of my favourites (so yes I know I put it up last year too, but the rest are ones I haven’t put up before for Yom HaZikaron). Arim Roshi

Ammunition Hill –the story in song of the battle to retake Jerusalem in the Six Day War (English subtitles)

Here is To Cry for You by Arik Einstein –our most beloved singing artist who we lost this past year –written for our fallen soldiers.

Children of Autumn


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