Happy 66th!!!!! Yom HaAtzmaut

Wow, I haven’t done this for years: An all night party and I made it through awake until 6 a.m.! I am notorious for crashing out just as parties get started especially since they don’t generally get started until after 11 or later here. I had a blast hanging with friends in Tel Aviv. We went to a free concert in park HaYarkon and then left the concert to walk up Ivn Givrol to join festivities at Rabin Square and then back to the apartment where people started arriving for continuing festivities after 2. Whew. I thought I would need to crash there but thankfully Tali was heading to her place in Ramat Gan and was happy to take a detour to drop me home. I’m about to crash out and get a bit of sleep before going to the cookout with my neighbours early in the afternoon. Thank goodness I made up the pasta salad to bring yesterday! It should be chilled and even more flavourful than the bowl-full I sneaked a few minutes ago –I’ve got to go to bed or I might sneak another. Pasta salad — yummmmmm :).

Happy 66th Independence Day! 66 years of a miracle!


3 responses to “Happy 66th!!!!! Yom HaAtzmaut”

  1. Mike says :

    There’s a vote on divestment at the University of Washington in Seattle tonight. Please sign the petition opposing this resolution.


    • israeliminx says :

      Thanks Mike, signed it! It still needs nearly 500 signatures so every signer helps.

      • Mike says :

        Thanks for signing, Yael. The resolution was introduced, but then sent to another committee after some one sided debate. (I got all this from Huskies Against Divestment.) I’m not exactly sure what this means other than the resolution is still alive. So anybody who hasn’t signed the petition please do and please tell your friends.

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