Gah, the spring ant invasion has begun

Last night Mesicha Stubby Tail kept crying. I ignored her for awhile, thinking she just wanted me to come in and play with her. She is, after all, sequestered in Tovi’s old room by herself (and given that she and Batya send each other’s fur flying on sight, this is a necessity). Finally I went in to check on her. Full water bowl. Full food bowl. Wait! Holy crap, the food bowl full of food was also full of ants! This morning ants have also discovered the kibbles for the other cats in the kitchen.

Every spring hordes of ants literally pop out of the walls and from among the floorboards and tiles. They make trails down from the electrical outlets. Even if your kitchen counter is clean (and it is seriously important at this time of year to make sure it is impeccably clean at all times) and there is not an ant in sight, if you set some juicy food morsel upon it for five minutes (say while trying to prepare a meal), ants will seem to spring out from nowhere and bam, they are all over it.

I’m going to spray some mint water around today. I’ve heard that it is supposed to deter them and maybe it does but last year it didn’t seem to do a thing.


9 responses to “Gah, the spring ant invasion has begun”

  1. erin says :

    Baby Powder. I know it seems odd and not exactly the least messy option, but it does work. I get the same stupid ant invasion and the first year i lived in my rental house they ruined more than one bowl of expensive hypoallergenic specialized cat kibble (read 60 bucks a bag).

  2. israeliminx says :

    Erin, yes baby powder does work really well! The problem we have here though is that there is no single entry point. They literally come up through the grouting in the floor tiles and between the tile baseboards as well as through any small crack in the wall and all the electrical outlets and sometimes light switches. I got desperate last summer and literally coated the floor in the living room with baby power but the mess that made was ghastly and as soon as I’d mopped after a couple of days, the ants were back. For the record, mint water does not work.

    • Lynne says :

      You could put down a cookie sheet or shallow container and fill with water. Place a bowl with cat food in that, like a mote to keep the ants out. It does not work 100% because the ants will go into the water, at least at the edges, but it helps. We have a major ant problem in Texas, and I considered having pest control services, but I was afraid of the toxicity danger for wild and domestic animals.

    • tddpirate says :

      When I had an ant problem and it was limited to a crack, I mixed some gypsum powder with anti-ant pesticide. When the gypsum is used to plug the crack, any ants that try to break through it get poisoned and die.

      Use gloves when handling the mixture!

    • erin says :

      LOL. Yeah, for some reason the ants in my rental house like to come through the bathroom, laundry and living room. I totally hear you about the mess of baby powder. It is a beast to clean up, especially after you have gone renegade and emptied a few containers of powder around. Now that my cat, Vlad, has asthma, i have to be very careful because sucking in the powder can cause an asthma attack.

      • israeliminx says :

        Yikes, poor little Vlad! How do you treat asthma in a kitty?

      • Lynne says :

        Erin, my cat has been improving on prednisolone for asthma. Perhaps you could ask your vet about it. It brings down the inflammation, and has worked better than any other medication that I have tried so far. What are you trying?

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