the doc update

I’ve got a whole list of referrals now to make appointments for: blood tests (of course), two ultrasounds (one for the ovaries, one for the intestines), colonoscopy (how fun), and a CT scan. The gastro specialist I saw is pretty sure that the long list of things that are making my life miserable are down to the combo of the hormonal cocktail I was on and being slammed into pre-mature menopause. She wants to rule out two other possibles that pretty much have a lot of the exact same symptoms. One is celiac disease and the other is ovarian cancer and since I’m at higher risk for the latter (Aunt had it and the hormonal cocktail I was on nearly triples your risk) and one of my ovaries is slightly enlarged (has been though off and on for years due to cysts –I’ve had them removed and biopsied a couple of times already) it definitely has to be checked. It is unlikely though given the time that has passed since my ovaries were being followed in intense detail. She was like, if you were suddenly having these symptoms a year or two years from now, I’d be somewhat worried but even very aggressive ovarian cancer doesn’t develop to this level of symptomology this quickly.

7 responses to “the doc update”

  1. Lynne says :

    So glad to hear that you are getting completely checked out. I’d bet on celiac disease over any problems with your ovaries. When you were little, you could not tolerate white bread very well at all. I’d never heard of celiac disease and put it down to food preference. On your own, you might avoid gluten as much as possible. That actually means avoiding most vegetarian “meat” options, which I now do myself. Frankly, I do not want to be eating gluten from China, which is where so much of the stuff comes from. It’s terrible for celiac disease.

  2. erin says :

    I hope all these tests turn out ok. Do you have PCOS by any chance?

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Deepest sympathy re colonoscopy. I’ve had those (family risk: mother had bowel cancer in early 40s). It’s the prep that’s the most unpleasant part of the process, because – at least here in Australia – they dope you right out for the actual procedure so you don’t remember a thing.

  4. Devilish Advocate says :


    I’ve been out of your loop for a while! I just dropped by and saw that you are being tested for Coeliac/Celiac Disease. I seem to recall that you possibly have a thyroid issue too? If so, they are both autoimmune conditions. If you have one autoimmune condition, you often have more than one – and Coeliac Disease and thyroid issues often go hand-in-hand. Do you know that if you’re going to be tested for Coeliac disease, you must NOT eradicate gluten from your diet beforehand otherwise you’ll potentially get a false negative. As a rather unusual asymptomatic Coeliac, I have lots of information that I can offer you. You have my email address, get in touch if you’re diagnose with this condition.

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