Nesicha now fully vetted and ready to fly and my interesting cab ride

I just got back with Nesicha. She had all her shots, not just the rabies vaccine, and was chipped, de-wormed and de-fleaed. Her ear was not clipped and Ronen was like, are you sure she was spayed? I was like, yeah I am sure you spayed her right after I first moved in here when she still had a full tail. I had six or seven of the cats that live around the garden snatched up in a batch and neutered and spayed just after I moved in and I was sure she was one of them –that is, until Ronen seemed skeptical. Then Ronen said, I don’t know, I would have clipped her ear. Are you sure she is a she, it is a very big cat. Well yeah, of course I’m sure but eh…maybe we should check? We lifted the special cage for extreme cats up and and tilted it around and attempted to verify her gender. I used the flashlight from Ronen’s phone to try to add more light to the situation. It is very difficult to tell with black cats unless you can get in there and really look. We looked at each other. Yeah, let’s sedate her and make sure and shave her and see if there is a scar from the surgery. So that is what we did, first verifying that yes she definitely is a she (and thus no name change is in order) and then shaving her to find the little tiny scar, barely visible on her tummy, that is most definitely Ronen’s master handiwork –less skilled vets make much longer incisions and their suturing leaves much more visible scarring. I was like, dude, that is a Ronen special.

Batya has an appointment on Monday to get her teeth cleaned and the problem tooth removed. I had some nice visiting time as well and then headed home and was very glad to get home after discovering that my cab driver is, by his own admission and yeah most definitely by any standards, crazy.

We were having a nice conversation about animals and this and that when he asked what I do. As usual anytime you tell someone (who expects they’ll never see you again) that you teach psych they start pouring out their issues and trying to get a diagnosis of some sort and I’m always like not that kind of psych but I guess the layman doesn’t get the difference. So he starts telling me that wow he actually has a lot of problems but is scared to go see anyone because the one time he did go to a psychiatrist affiliated with the army, just after he got out, she took his driver’s license and identity card and told him he’d get them back just after he went over to another office but when he got there the Israeli equivalent of the men in little white coats were waiting for him and involuntarily committed him to 72 hours of observation in a psych hospital and nearly ruined his life. Ah. Between assuring me that he is a really good person and has never hurt anyone in his nearly 50 years, he spilled out that he has nearly constant and unwanted very vivid visions of strangling people. He was going into detail about how he can picture the tendons standing out in their neck as he applied pressure to their throat when we were about two blocks from home and I was like, oh, right here, thanks this is where I need to get off. Thanks so much, not all psychiatrists are so quick to rush to judgment and you really should think of seeing someone, bye and have a good night. I went over to the falafel stand across the street and hung out there with the cat for about 10 minutes before continuing home on foot with her. I’ve got to start telling people I teach basket weaving to save myself finding out they are basket cases.


4 responses to “Nesicha now fully vetted and ready to fly and my interesting cab ride”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief!!!! That is hair-raising scary! Good that you got out where you did but perhaps you should have had him let you out further away….

  2. israeliminx says :

    Hey Ema, I asked him to let me out the first place that was well-lighted, populated and that I could disappear inside of once he went off into crazy land!

  3. erin says :

    Ok.scary but I was laughing out loud at your retelling. Good thinking on the falafel stand drop-off;)

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