time running through my fingers

I talked with Kef moving company last week after Strand simply never responded to me after an initial contact asking for what I would be moving despite emails every few days asking for the quote (we are talking 3 weeks of no response). I’m waiting for the Kef initial quote based on what they think is 350 cu. ft. so that I can then arrange for them to come and actually see what I’ve got to get a final quote on the moving costs. One of the nice perks in Israel is that all of the international moving companies pack your stuff for you. It isn’t entirely a perk though as I have to sort through and get rid of approximately 60% of the stuff in my apartment before they can pack anything (might as well pack as I go, right?). On the other hand, they are going to repack what I’ve already packed and better.

I’ve got an entire list of doctor’s appointments to set up and to go to that I’ve already set up. I’ve got a lot of vet stuff to take care of. I need to reach my landlord, currently out of the country, to see if I can arrange to extend my lease by a month so that I don’t have to stay in a hotel during the moed bet exams. I have to figure out how to get a lot of heavy furniture out to the street for donation. This weekend I”m going to try to get the baker’s rack taken apart and taken down as a start.

I still haven’t located a place to live. I’ve got to either buy someplace (I need to buy free and clear with no mortgage and low taxes) with my minimal resources that I do have available –but not for long as it just evaporates– or rent a place (and give up any hope of ever in my life owning a place, because the money I’ll be throwing away for rent and living expenses will reduce the amount I have to a level way below being able to buy a place). It took me 10 years of carefully squirreling away savings and funds from a divorce settlement to have the money to put down on the recently sold Texas house.

Time is just flying by.


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