a very pleasant morning

I spent a bit of time out in the garden before it got too hot this morning. I planted some arugula seeds in the planter that has the radishes growing down at one end. The lettuce I’d planted down where I’ve put the arugula seeds never sprouted, so hopefully we won’t get a repeat with these. The radishes are coming along great, however. I watered the six cucumber seeds I planted last night and watered all the collard greens, green onions, and lavender. Then I did some weeding in the main two beds and around the rose that has the mint and oregano. The oregano has come back with a vengeance and so has the thyme. I love weeding the mint, nana, oregano and thyme beds because the air gets scented and your fingers smell great 🙂

One of the compost pits is ready to be used and I plan to use it to fill a long planter a neighbour from the building behind us donated to the garden effort. I think I’m going to splurge for that neighbour and the kids next door and buy some pretty flowers to put in it and set up along the edge of the main garden bed. They have windows that look down on that bed and so will have a pretty view.

I’ve mopped the kitchen and as soon as the floor dries will go in to start cooking up some spaghetti sauce. I’ll need to run down to the garden to cut some of that delectable oregano to use in it. Ain’t nothing better than fresh out of the garden.

This afternoon I’ll be working but in a nice and relaxed state after my very pleasant morning.


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