website advice

I’m trying to code up a website for our animal sanctuary. I’ve got the domain name and webhost. I want and will need maximum flexibility as far as platform/design/layout/ etc but also maximum ease of use (so my Ema can add content easily that is wysiswig –what you see is what you get). I’ve got the skills for coding a “static” webpage (e.g., everything you add to it needs to be added via html, xhtml, php etc code). What I want really is a blogging platform that can be embedded into your existing web pages so that the person who wants to add to the ‘blog’ part (with sign-in access) goes right to a “add new, type your title here, type your post here, press publish and walla that is all there is to it.”

I’m looking at both Serendipity and Textpattern and am hoping for input. I’ve developed static webpages, I’ve used (obviously) blogging software, but I’ve zero experience in combining the two into one. Advice from techie folks? 🙂


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