Batya: good news and bad

I am back much, much sooner with Batya from the vet than I expected. I thought she had a bad tooth that would need to be extracted, along with a teeth cleaning. The good news is she got a shot and antibiotics and I’m not there with my nerves completely fraught while she undergoes the procedure. The bad news is that she has developed gingivitis and a really terrible case. Ronen was like, she is going to need all of her teeth out once you get her to the U.S. He would have done it today but it is a procedure that needs to be done more than a month before a cat flies anywhere and we are trying to schedule flying Batya and Nesicha in cargo with Mischa in cabin in just like 3 weeks or so. Yeah big expense looming on her arrival. I seriously hate that all these little critters almost without exception have this. Tzeekada, Flora and Flossie, Tovi before she had all her teeth removed and the inteferon treatment (the latter of which cured her), Puddin, and of course Little Mouse.

Well, at least the poor little thing should start feeling some relief in a couple of days and be able to eat and groom herself again.

3 responses to “Batya: good news and bad”

  1. Lynne says :

    It may also be that a regime of steriods and antibiotics will get this under control. More is being discovered about stomatititis in cats and ways to treat it. Likely though, count on a full mouth extraction of those teeth… yes, expensive.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Does it mean that from now on, Leftists will avoid cats so that they cannot be accused of being associated with Objectivism?

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