The lost court cause

I’m so way behind on updating folks on what is going on that I have a post saved in drafts called ‘overwhelmed’ from five days ago.

In a nutshell: We lost but almost won and the judge said we’d win if we took this to the higher court and the whole thing was like watching a British comedy: Fawlty Towers and Monty Python had nothing on this.

Ronen was awesome for so many reasons. He not only spent two days and nearly all of the night before re-translating everything I’d given him, calling lawyers and looking up case law himself, but he seriously rocked when presenting my case. The judge (a new one, thankfully, because the previous one was offended at my lack of hebrew fluency) started off asking all the right questions. She told the crazy machshefa that her explanation was beyond credibility. We’d only just begun my counter argument when some warring parties waiting to present their case went to fisticuffs, security was called in, and the judge was like yo you people (us) go outside and see if you can reach a compromise.

The machshefa refused to compromise and it quickly became clear why: We already learned that her business went under (yo wonder why) and she is currently pretty much destitute. When we went back in, two security folks were still trying to keep the peace, another set of complainants were attempting to present their case, and the Judge stopped them and was like, nu?

Ronen explained that she refused to compromise and then tried to pick up our truncated defense, pointing out that she had brought in a clearly forged ‘contract’ and… the judge was like stop, I don’t have the time, you can pay her what she wants now and be done with the balagan or take her to the higher court and from what I see here you won’t have to pay her anything if you do but also from what I have in front of me you (me) wrote her a check and that shows intent to pay and even though she can’t produce it, you yourselves claim you (me) wrote a second check and that shows intent to pay more than the check in front of me and so..

Long story short, after determining that it would take at least another six months in court proceedings (and I won’t be in the country that long) and the judge was willing to put into writing a guarantee that the check made out to the ‘Bettler’ guy can’t be used in any further proceedings, I was like fine, screw it. There were some serious comedic moments and I’ll try to write them up as soon as I get a bit more time.


3 responses to “The lost court cause”

  1. erin says :

    Wow. Talk about courtroom drama. It does suck though that you ended up paying that dreadful woman AGAIN though. She’ll get what’s coming to her one day ;D

  2. Lynne says :

    Erin, I agree. This woman is destructive. She had an opportunity to build a respectable business, and she couldn’t/wouldn’t do it… she is basically a criminal.

  3. erin says :

    um quick topic change here (I couldn’t figure out how to message you through your blog)…WTH is this all about and what does this mean for Israel’s security?

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