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Palestinians smash windows of ambulance humvee transporting boys’ bodies

The Muqata has the photo up. Palestinian mobs attacked the ambulance carrying the bodies of our murdered children with rocks. I am so distressed. I am so full of rage.

I so do not understand how someone can look into a child’s eyes and then murder them in cold blood. I do not understand how anyone can celebrate the murder of a child, any child, from anywhere. I do not understand people whose hearts and minds have been so corrupted that they consider the killing of an innocent child to be a victory, an act of bravery and heroism, a thing to be valued. I do not understand how they can attempt to desecrate the bodies of children that have been murdered in cold blood.

I do understand that we have to put a stop to such people, that there can be no negotiating with them, no trust placed in them. You can’t call them animals because animals have more morals.


Oh no, hearing reports our kidnapped children found dead

No official announcement has been made yet — there is going to be an official press conference in half an hour at 8. But getting reports that bodies of the kids have been found. Will update. Pray this is not so.

Palestinians reporting IDF has closed Halhoul area near Hebron.

We are in full media blackout here but ABC news is reporting our children are indeed not alive, bodies found

Official announcement time pushed back again.

Our boys have been murdered.

The Kurds deserve their own State

You want to talk oppression, take a look at what the Kurds have been through. Israel always sides with the side that stands for or deserves justice and I’m proud to say that, as we did with supporting the independent State of Georgia (for the geographically and historically challenged, we are talking Eastern Europe not Southern U.S.), we are standing with the Kurds and their claim for an independent State in the territory previously known as Iraq.

In the first Gulf War, the U.S. used the Kurds and then utterly abandoned them to slaughter. The U.S. is not supporting their claim and right to an independent country. The U.S. is, as is usual under their current regime, wrong. We are backing the Kurds’ right to autonomy and we are right to do so.

Bibi: Border with Jordan and nice big fence and my analysis

The Palestinian leaders really don’t seem to understand that their long history of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity is pretty much culminating in there not being an opportunity to even miss.

Things change fast on the ground here in the Middle East but the one thing that does not change is Israel’s resolve to survive and Israel’s ability to survive as a thriving free and democratic Jewish State with equal rights for all of its citizens regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

If the Palestinians had accepted the many offers over the years to establish a Palestinian State our security would be at much greater risk. So, really, we should thank the Palestinians for their intransigence. We are now talking about the need for our border to be the Jordan River and to build a good strong fence along it.

Under the table and back channel, Jordan has asked for our help in defending their borders against the terrorist incursion by ISIS and we will help our neighbour as much as we can. However, Jordan, like all our nutty neighbours, has a significant problem of not just the enemy without but the enemy within. Given the changes on the ground in the Middle East, Netanyahu said today that we are not going to agree anything short of a border with Jordan, with the Jordan River being the dividing line, and that we need to build a nice, strong fence along that dividing line in the event that our Jordanian friends crumble from within.

Shortly before Netanyahu’s speech, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an offshoot of al-Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, has declared itself an Islamic “Caliphate” and called on jihadi factions worldwide to pledge allegiance to it.

The group, that has renamed itself “Islamic State,” declared its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi as “Caliph” – the head of the state.

Charging that Israel could not trust other security forces – such as that of Jordan or the Palestinians – to stop the Islamist threat, Netanyahu stressed that in any future agreement with the Palestinians, “Israel will have to remain along the Jordan river for a very long period of time.”

“Our first challenge is to protect our borders. Extremist Islamic forces are knocking on our doors in the north and south and we’ve set up obstacles against them, except for in one sector,” Netanyahu said, referring to the border with Jordan.

“The first thing we must do is build a fence in the east. While the fence doesn’t stop all infilitrations, gun and rocket fire though it or over it, or the digging of tunnels, it dramatically narrows down infilitration to Israel.

“Think what would’ve happened if we didn’t have a fence on the Israeli-Egyptian border. Now it is also clear why I insist that our eastern border is along the Jordan River. We must be able to stop the waves of zealotry on the Jordan border,” he added.

Read more about it here

Rally for Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists

Hey guys, I’m knackered but have three posts to put up. The first is a quick one about the massive rally in Tel Aviv that I just got back from. Rabin Square used to be the rallying point I used to go to for massive peace rallies (peace now!) for peace with the Palestinians. Well, the Palestinians, through their actions, have long since put a kibosh on any hopes for peace and those rallies are a thing of the past. We pulled out of Gaza and gave them 100% autonomous rule there — we got rockets in return. We got the furthest thing from peace: Continual rocket and mortar fire on our civilians and they infiltrated our border and killed two of our young soldiers and kidnapped Gilad Shalit, and then things went worse from there. So no, there haven’t been massive rallies for peace in Rabin Square for many years because in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria (aka the ‘West Bank’), the Palestinians have made it clear that they have no honest interest in peace.

Tonight Rabin Square was used for a much more important, in no little part because it is realistic, rallying point. Tonight, the square was filled to over-flowing with the call for the release of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel. They aren’t soldiers captured in battle; They are school children kidnapped by terrorists.

Tens of thousands of Israelis from all walks of life — secular, religious, rightists, leftists, rich and poor turned out tonight to join their voices in support of three families living a nightmare and to make a clarion call: BRING BACK OUR BOYS.

hit Gaza hard

The crazy and murderous folks in Gaza (and yes, not all Gazans are nuts and homicidal but a majority are — or they wouldn’t send their kids by the hundreds of thousands to summer terrorist training camps) have been barraging Israeli civilians with rockets for weeks now. They hit a factory yesterday and caused a major fire that could easily have turned into a massive wildfire in our tender dry conditions. Our firefighters had to be out there fighting the fire while missiles were being shot at them. Given the situation with Hamas’ cronies ISIS , it is just past damn time to nip the Gaza terrorist center in the bud –with a sledgehammer.

pins and needles for Gan Eden

Remember the one-acre place that I was gushing about –visions of cats, goats, chickens –and then felt pretty crushed about when we discovered that it is essentially not in a livable condition? Yeah, well, after two months of searching high and low and far and wide, given my budget (aka you call that a budget?! Hillary Clinton I am not), this unlivable place is a steal and a deal.

The amount I need to pay in taxes on the sold house is less than I had budgeted for (always budget for worst case scenario and then you aren’t taken unawares and might get a happy surprise!). The amount I don’t need to pay is not enough to put me into a buy a livable property range and the unlivables don’t come with any land attached (except for this little one acre gem). However, that saved amount is enough to cover the electrical re-wiring of a house and to have the house gutted. I can take it from there — in fact, I’m pretty good with a sledgehammer so I may be able to save on the actual gutting and just cover the costs of having the old sheetrock etc hauled away.

In short, two days ago my Ema submitted an offer on my behalf and the real estate agent has let us know that it is being considered by the family. I should hear back in a couple of days. In the meantime I’m on pins and needles.

I’m already thinking about colours (though I’m putting that into the ultra capable hands of my Ema –she missed her calling as an interior designer), the layout of the kitty sanctuary, where to start a garden and how to continue and expand it. I am thinking about goats and chickens. I am so praying that they accept the offer.