Getting things done before the holiday

I’ve taught my last class (actually my last five classes smooshed all into one last day). If there hadn’t been so many and I hadn’t been so busy/stressed/harrassed with it all, I probably would have felt a lot more nostalgic. I did cry a bit on the bus ride home.

Yesterday I managed to drag one of the big bookcases out of the apartment and, thanks to help from an upstairs neighbour who was taking out their trash at the time, down the stairs and out to the street for donation. One down, one to go and if the experience is repeated it will take less than an hour before someone claims the next one and happily carts it off. These are very nice bookcases in ‘like new’ condition and their counterparts at Ikea are going for more than 800 sheks each (about $230 U.S.). The little family next door has laid dibs on the microwave stand plus additional storage cabinet and I’m glad as that is a very useful and versatile piece of furniture — I used it for the microwave and kitchen things in the previous apartment and for a combination of safe storage of work and important papers and books, cat perch and display of nice items in the current apartment. I need to find homes for the iron baker’s rack, the washer and dryer, fridge, and tv stand or figure out how to take them, along with the other big bookcase, out to the street for donation.

Knowing that I have until the end of August instead of the end of July to get my stuff shipped and otherwise out and the apartment re-painted is a serious relief, especially as living for a month in a hotel with a blind cat while trying to deal with the moed bet exams and grading was not a prospect I was looking forward to or could afford.


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