Obama has gone completely rogue and we are dealing with a mad dog

Obama has no regard for strictures in place by Congress and has repeatedly broken the law with impunity –knowing that he won’t be held to account and won’t be running for office again, he has gone completely rogue and is, at this point, very dangerous. The feeling here in Israel is beyond concerned. People are looking at Obama like a dog who potentially has rabies. It is imminently clear that with him in charge, America not only cannot be counted on as an ally but is actively working against Israel and Israel’s interests (and against America’s own interests).

The Obama administration has not only embraced the new terrorist Palestinian unity government composed of Abbas’ Fatah and the terror group Hamas but reports from very credible sources have been circulating that Obama actually held secret talks with Hamas to create that unity government. American law precludes dealing with any government that has Hamas in it. Hamas is a designated terrorist group. Yet, the Obama administration is refusing to boycott the new unity government or to cut off aid — American taxpayer dollars are now being paid directly to cover terrorists’ salaries and terrorist infrastructure in contravention to U.S. law. Instead of making war on terrorists, America will henceforth be directly funding one of the largest and most deadly terrorist armies in the world.

Not a small number of people high up in the Palestinian government (Abbas’ faction) have come out in recent days and said that Obama has assured them he intends to act against Israel and to put America’s full support behind the Palestinian ’cause.’

The exchange of five top Taliban terrorists for a deserting, collaborating, traitor is for another post but is very much in line with Obama’s support for terrorists and terrorist organizations — Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, his courting of Hezbollah in Lebanon as far back as 2011 and continuing– his actions in Libya and inaction in Syria, his actions regarding Iran.


2 responses to “Obama has gone completely rogue and we are dealing with a mad dog”

  1. Lynne says :

    Most Americans have opinions about politics, but it seems that most of us are occupied with thoughts closer to home. Those who try to keep informed, rely on the media. Big mistake, but what are the alternatives? CBS is totally compromised in reporting by the close association between the WH and CBS leadership, that is well known, but other media sources are also compromised. Journalists who try to investigate, like James Rosen or Sharyl Atkinson are attacked and harassed by the obama administration, the most corrupt —-but thanks to the media—most successful corrupt political machines ever.
    Meanwhile, Obama is creating the most dangerous political environment in the entire world. One of his own (stupid) state department PR spokespersons could not cite one single incident of a situation with a country or an alliance with the US that has improved under Obama’s administration. He is a disaster. A friend says that he is just a pathological liar and sociopath, but he is worse than that. He is dangerous.

  2. Mike says :

    Obama, the Chamberlain of the 21st Century.

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