Eggplants coming out of my ears –and maybe peppers too

Ok, talk about no-fuss and surprise free food. I’ve not paid much attention (as in almost none) to the garden in more than a month. Yesterday, I decided to go out in the cool of the evening and take some cuttings of the oregano and nana (a type of mint) in order to spread the happiness of these plants around in greater abundance in the yard if I can get the cuttings to root. My thinking was to try to make the garden and yard as nice and fuss-free for my neighbours as possible after I’m gone –better to have mint and spicy oregano running rampant than weeds. So I took a good amount of cuttings and on my way inside I noticed something purple among the leaves of one of the surviving aubergine plants. Well wow, it was a nice, big eggplant just perfect for eating and so I collected it too and brought it inside (hello dinner tonight).

Just a bit ago, as the day finally cooled off, I went out to give the collard greens a bit of water. I wanted to assess whether I should prepare to pull them out and put them in the compost pit or if it was worthwhile to get a few more harvests off them. Passing by the aubergine plants close to the roses, I noticed another purple thing on the same plant I’d taken the eggplant off of yesterday — yes, indeed, there is another nearly ready for picking eggplant and, on further inspection, two more just starting! On to the collard greens with my watering can and wait, wait, what is that? More big purple things were peeking out of the aubergine that is still growing next to the biggest collard –that one plant has eight growing on it, with three that will need to be harvested within the next couple of days. Behind the big collard is the last surviving aubergine plant and it has five in various stages of development –and it is still flowering.

I decided to take a tour of the yard and got a pepper surprise. Last summer I’d stuck a number of bell pepper seedlings that I didn’t really expect to make it on the far side of the yard. I’d dug in a bit of my homemade compost at the time but neither expected nor got much off those pepper plants. The landscapers totally killed off the couple that were still hanging on this spring. So I was like, what the heck! when I approached. There are six volunteer pepper plants (and one volunteer tomato of some sort) growing like wildfire, flowering, and the peppers all have fruit nearly ready for harvesting –and they are growing spaced out almost exactly as if they had been planted a-purpose.


2 responses to “Eggplants coming out of my ears –and maybe peppers too”

  1. Lynne says :

    You really are a natural gardener!

  2. dumbledoresarmy says :

    that’s wonderful!

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