Manic Tuesday

I’m trying something new in the fight against the stomatitis that so many of my cats are suffering, particularly Little Mouse. I just got him back from the vet and, while the good news is that he went for two months without a steroid shot (but did two 7-day courses of antibiotics in the meantime, each separated by 3 weeks), the bad news is that in just three days he went from nibbling on his hard kibbles to literally backing himself around the apartment and crying and pawing desperately at his mouth just because of his own saliva. He started essentially trying to get away from himself this morning around 3 a.m. and so we were waiting at the door when the vet clinic opened. He got a steroid shot, more antibiotics (he’ll start those in 3-5 days, as soon as his mouth can handle me pilling him), and the new tool in our arsenal: Oratene water additive. Oratene makes an antiseptic gel especially for cats with stomatitis but we don’t seem to have it yet here. The water additive is supposed to help a lot from what I’ve read, however, and we can use all the help we can get. It is a completely tasteless liquid formula that you put in their water and it is supposed to help reduce plaque and tartar. Cross your fingers!

I’m insane with grading. I’m also trying to get the dara website in shape. Right now I’m just trying to get the pages formatted as we don’t have any of the pictures (and I’ve not figured out how to make a good logo –e.g. my logo making skills suck) that we’ll need. Ema, find the camera and take those head shots! Right now, I’m a bit stuck and have been reading through countless manuals trying to find an answer. I want to do a tiled background using css and that I can do with the tiling covering the whole page. But, I also want and need to have a nice big white area in the middle of the page (under the logo) where the text, links, video clips etc will go –much like this blog where you see the blue on the sides and the text is all on a white background. And I want three columns in that white space. I’ve got two columns set up so far (I don’t have the materials yet that will go in the third column) but no white background/space behind them if I put in the tiled background. Argh. If anyone knows the code for this, please let me know!

I have decided on the basic architecture of the site: We are going to have several static webpages, including the homepage, about us, contact us etc, that don’t need to be updated frequently (and I will do the updating when needed) but also a blog page integrated into the site. I’m still trying to decide between two different integrate-able blog packages with the Ema-Factor (super simple and easy to use) in mind.

I’ve got to get back to grading and trying to track down a moving company that will actually give me a quote sometime in my lifetime before heading next door at 5:30 for a homemade cake and coffee klatch and then dinner and playtime with the little ones.


3 responses to “Manic Tuesday”

  1. Larry007 says :

    For logos, try , it’s free and has asewome feature when you get to know it a little bit.
    Also on you can find a logo designer for 5$.

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