Only those living under a rock are suprised at what’s happening in Iraq

…Just saying. I’m really tired of saying. It is going to get worse, not better. In the immediate region what is going down, will go down, and in the pipeline to go down just in Syria, Lebanon and Iran are certainly going to “take everyone by surprise” (everyone who is clueless about the Middle East, that is, and that includes the Western govt administrations of the U.S. and EU countries, the elitist academics, the hard and medium-core Leftists and a helluva lotta people on the Right). Bush and his administration had a really crappy understanding of the workings of the Middle East and actions and policies that would be beneficial but they at least had the smallest glimmer of a clue. Chickens carrying things far worse than bird flu will be coming home to roost for years and years and years, maybe decades, because of the complete, utter cluelessness (or intentional action and inaction but to quote Hillary Clinton, ‘what difference does it make?!’) of U.S. policy since then. It ain’t just the Middle East, though the Middle East is the hold-the-line crux, but there is a serious potential and very likely cluster-f*ck coming when you add in what’s brewing in countries in South Asia and Africa.


5 responses to “Only those living under a rock are suprised at what’s happening in Iraq”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am horrified by what is happening, but it is exactly what I thought WOULD happen…no mystery, since Obama left a vacuum when he pulled out troops and support. Throwing money at the problem is just that: Throwing money (tax payer money!!) away. He focused on Afghanistan….another mess. Bush was clueless, too, but not to this extraordinary degree. Obama certainly seems to sympathize with Islamists; is he purposely trying to destroy any chance of peace in the Middle East in order to promote Islamists? His half-brother is a terrorist sympathizer, who actively raises funds for Hamas (they ARE close; he was Obama’s best man in his wedding). Is Obama’s hidden agenda straight from Rev. Wright…G-damn America”? In the meantime, the WH and the Obama Administration, that corrupt political machine, is silent about the astonishing crisis taking place in Iraq, with citizens streaming out of the cities, and things collapsing all around to this dangerous terrorist group. OH, yeah, Clinton and Obama say that al qaeda is “on the run: Yeah. On the run all over the Middle East and the world.
    Now it seems that the terrorists will have a state and a huge territory under their control while Obama is silent and sits on his hands, ignoring dangerous situation that is developing.
    Hilary Clinton makes me sicker every time she opens her lying mouth. I love the Diane Sawyer interview where Clinton claims that they were broke when they left the WH. Add stupid to the adjectives that describe her: Most Americans know that it’s hard to be broke when you have $12 million dollars AT LEAST that year, including an $8 million book advance. The picture that comes to my mind immediately when I hear the words “Clinton” is that image of Hilary wearing that ugly green pants suit, with that ugly, hateful expression on her face, sneeringly saying, “What difference does it make?” I hope that someone tells her that with four Americans murdered and her endless lies and her incompetence, it matters a great deal.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    Anyone besides me remember the fall of Saigon?

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, I do. Those poor people left there were desperate to get out, and they were desperate with good reason. Terrible times.
      Islamists….yes, I agree with you.

  3. israeliminx says :

    I don’t Tiger but I have seen some videos of it (I seem to remember desperate civilians hanging off of military helicopters as they bugged out). What can you tell us about it?!

  4. Tiger Mike says :

    Over a million people died after South Vietnam Nam fell. They died in “re-education” camps, refugee camps and just plain prisons. And the Vietnamese communists were benevolent compared to the Islamist taking over Iraq.

    Millions are about to die.

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