sandblasted teeth and never place an order while on the bus…

In addition to getting another filling replaced today, I got a free teeth sandblasting. I was supposed to get two fillings replaced today but while he was working on the first one an emergency patient arrived with a broken tooth and my dentist asked if I could schedule another appointment for that second tooth. Sure. As thanks for the inconvenience, he offered me the opportunity to be the first patient (yes just call me beta tester) for a new piece of equipment he got that uses a salt (and stuff) solution aimed at high power to blast stains off people’s teeth who are not candidates for teeth whitening –and I happen to be one of those people. Free. So, of course, I said bring it on. It only took 5 minutes to do the upper teeth and he’ll do the lower teeth next week when I get that other filling done. Dude. Bring it on again for those bottom teeth because there was a significant improvement.

On the way to the dentist, trying to multi-task and get things off the list, I called my pet shop and ordered in more wet food for the kitties. The bus was crowded and noisy but I had a seat and didn’t mind yelling into the phone like just about everyone around me was doing on theirs. The first thing I asked, well sort of stated, was that I assumed they still had the special to get ‘plus 2’ on the fancy feast. He said, nachon (right/of course). So I then said, great then the classic (pate) as usual. I meant as usual as in the usual order I’ve been making every couple of weeks for months. I then asked if they had some bigger kinds of cans that were pate but cheaper than the fancy feast and when he said yes and explained the size (your standard ‘small’ friskies can size), I said ok, I’d like 24 of those too. Yalla bye.

I got home to find my delivery outside my door and nearly fell over. I nearly fainted at the amount of cans …and the cost. When I looked at the inventory of what had been sent it was clear what had happened. When I said there is “plus steyiim (with the fancy feast)” he obviously thought I said “72” (shevim v’steyiim) because there are 72 cans of fancy feast and 24 cans of some no-name but bigger sized cans of wet food. Nearly 600 shekels. Well 72 paid for cans of f.f. plus all the free ‘plus 2’s. Yeah….


One response to “sandblasted teeth and never place an order while on the bus…”

  1. erin says :

    Well, on the bright side you won’t need to order cat food for the rest of your time in Israel 8)

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