Iraq as Iraq is over and the U.S. is simply an embarrassment

If Iraq doesn’t officially get splintered into at least two, and more likely three, States, I’ll eat my hat. I’ll also eat my hat if, after that happens, any sort of peace is lasting in the region as each of those three will want to take over the others –well, I take that back, I think the Kurds will be happy with their now captured statelet so long as they are left alone (but don’t count on their being left alone by the other two or by surrounding Muslim countries– Israel can attest to how that works out). The Sunnis and Shiites will definitely continue their more than 1,000 year battle to eradicate and subjugate the other. Baghdad is likely to fall within days if not hours.

The U.S. response to all this? Well, John Kerry, that pillar of peace-making is encouraging them all to just kiss and make up.

Pulling out of Iraq in 2011 was criminal. Expecting the Iraqi government to be functioning beyond tripping over their own feet in this time frame is delusional. Even thinking that they could also have an army that is remotely functional is ludicrous.

And hellooo all those back-scratched into leading positions army commanders vaporized themselves and left their fledgling underling ‘army’ in confused disarray at the mere rumour that a much smaller and less well-equipped combating terror-loving force was coming in their direction. Huge numbers of the barely trained underlings took a clue from their disappeared commanders and took a hike themselves. Many more are now said to be lining the road to Baghdad –minus their heads. That ill-equipped terror-loving force is now a lot less ill-equipped.

One might be tempted to look at Israel’s history and make projections but I’d suggest not. True, Israel was attacked by the armies from 7 countries within 24 hours of the State being declared. True, Israel did not have a trained army and their foes were massive in comparison, not only in numbers but also in equipment (unlike the situation in Iraq). But, you can definitely say that Israel’s survival was a historical anomaly. Yah might even say it was because we did, actually, have G-d on our side.

Nu, G-d help the innocent civilians, no matter their religion, sect, or tribal affiliation in Iraq at this time — they are going to need it.


3 responses to “Iraq as Iraq is over and the U.S. is simply an embarrassment”

  1. Mike says :

    Don’t worry, Obama will make a speech sometime soon and that will fix everything.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, just saw breaking news on this matter. Apparently, Obama told the Iraqi leaders to “solve their problems” and stated that the US would not be sending in troops, and on the contrary, all Americans were being taken out of Iraq.
      Truly Bush created this mess, but Obama has made the situation so much worse. He had the opportunity to help the Iraqi people, but made no effort at all. Honestly, the country should be divided along the lines of religion and ethnicity, as hundreds of years have shown that they cannot live together peacefully. There seems to be zero tolerance among these groups for others who believe and live differently.

      • Mike says :

        Lynne, I’m actually a secret Obama adviser, that’s how I knew he was going to make a speech.

        Okay, I shouldn’t say that because I don’t want to be associated with Obama and his foreign policy even as a joke. Waite, his foreign policy is a joke.

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