ISIS video: “We will conquer Jerusalem, we will conquer Rome”

Warning. WARNING. This is an extremely graphic video released by the terror ISIS group on youtube. Just a few minutes in you see, from the militants point of view in the car, them indiscriminately spraying machine gun fire into cars driving along — they get out and film close-ups of an entire family with young children all blood-covered and dead in one of the cars, they shoot people dead as they walk along the street on the way to work, the market, and school…and it gets worse (a lot worse and at the 50:00 minute mark they film a beheading). These are the sick and deranged people taking over Iraq, large parts of Syria and have Jordan nearly going into heart-failure over fears they are next on the list.

They threaten they will march on Jerusalem. They threaten they will take over Rome and say they will reclaim Spain. In their own words, their purpose is to “come to you with slaughter” if you do not believe in Allah and their version of Allah. This is what the world, not just Iraq and not just Syria or Afghanistan are up against. I think it is important to see exactly what they are saying and what they are doing. The world better wake up.

They have taken their tactics right off the Nazi SS Einsatzgruppen –they film government workers, captured soldiers, and teachers numbering in the hundreds being forced to dig their own mass graves before being executed into them.
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14 responses to “ISIS video: “We will conquer Jerusalem, we will conquer Rome””

  1. Lynne says :

    Obama does nothing….but his own brother raises money for terrorist groups, according to some media sources that state that the IRS fast-tracked his application as a “nonprofit organization”. I would like to know more about that and if it is true. The details. The mainstream media mostly does not cover that kind of thing which reflects badly on Obama, so I must have seen it on Atlas Shrugs or Breitbart. Considering Obama’s actions, he is either a complete idiot and incompetent or an Islamic extremist sympathizer, or likely both.

  2. chairwoman says :

    Sweetie, I had an inkling that things were going this way round about 1985 when a new Head Teacher took over at Katy’s junior school. There were only about 20 Muslim children in the school out of about 300, but one of the fathers basically intimidated first the other Muslim parents, and then the oh so politically correct new head.

    Initial request was for the Christmas Fayre to be renamed Winter Fayre, then no visit from Father and Mrs Christmas (my Jewish parents in fancy dress for whom this had become an annual treat), then no Nativity Play, Carol singing, and finally, the Christmas tree to be in a corner of the hall, not on the stage.

    This school represented the very best of multiculturism and inter religious communication. The pupils were truly citizens of the world, and men of many cloths visited the school and invited the children to visit the House of G-d where they preached.

    A group of parents representing the other faiths saw the Head and asked him to continue with the traditional ‘English’ school Christmas, and eventually a compromise was reached. The year after Katy left for Senior school, Christmas left too.

    By 1989, I could see the writing very clearly on the wall, but most people thought there would be no change,and that I was paranoid.

    i wish that they had been correct.

    • israeliminx says :

      Chairwoman — I and I think the whole sane world wish you had not been correct. The seeds were indeed sown very early. Many of the documents laying out a slow and insidious take over from within that were disclosed at the Holy Land Foundation Terror trial in the U.S. showed the Muslim Brotherhood had very long-term plans in place dating from the early 1980s and the schools portions were right as you described.

      • Lynne says :

        And, these people in many instances are connecting with very stupid people. I am thinking of some of my fellow teachers and administrators that thought teaching Arabic and Muslim philosophy/religion was a “great idea” especially because the school would receive money for it, and dropping Christian traditions and multicultural events was just a “small concession” to get these benefits…

  3. erin says :

    Holy crap. I don’t even know what to say after watching this.

    • dumbledoresarmy says :

      What to say? – Erin. If you are Jewish, recite the Sh’ma. If you are Christian…recite the Trishagion (Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy on us), and the Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy); and if you are very brave, screw up your courage, and recite the Gloria and the Sanctus: defy the darkness, affirm Light. And whether Jewish or Christian, take up the Psalms, and read. And if not religious, then perform whatever act of affirmation of life, truth and goodness is natural to you. Are you familiar with the Harry Potter novels? or the films? – if so, you will know of the “Expecto patronum”. So find and do whatever is, psychologically speaking, for you, the real-life equivalent.

  4. Lynne says :

    Erin, I started to watch it and then couldn’t finish it. Some of the media sources are showing this or something similar, but they seem to be downplaying it. Interesting that so many journalists and Democrats are blaming Bush for the present situation. He IS at fault for meddling in Iraq, but the more critical and worst decision was Obama’s decision to leave a vacuum in Iraq. Obama seems to have not the slightest interest in the situation. Iran has offered to “help” and that is terribly worrisome.

    • chairwoman says :

      I gather your guy is going to have a chat with their guy.

      Oh to be a fly on that particular wall.

    • erin says :

      I didn’t intend to watch the whole thing…It was one of those times where i really could not believe what I was seeing. I ended up sticking with it because I felt like I owed it to all those killed deserve to have their story told. I have done so much reading on middle eastern politics and yet never, ever did I envision what was captured on the video. The joy in the terrorists’ voices every time they killed someone or blew something up was the scariest of all.

      And I agree, the news here is downplaying it. There are some images being used from their video on cnn and nbcnews, but they keep saying they did not take the pictures so they can’t guarantee the validity. From some of what I have read, even Al-qaeda thinks they are too extreme. That’s bad-really, really, really bad.

      And did you see this story?

      How the HELL did this guy get out?!

  5. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Seriously: this is Islam, Islam unloosed. Anyone who has read a truthful summary of the Life of Mohammed, anyone who has read the Quran, anyone who has sampled Al-Tabri, and anyone who has read, say, Serge Trifkovic’s Sword of the Prophet, or *anything* by Bat Yeor, or forced themselves to read some of the documentary accounts of Jihad in Andrew Bostom’s “Legacy of Jihad”, will not be surprised in the least. This is Islam, Islam by-the-book. This is what it’s about, at its core. The Cult, or Religion, of Domination. Winston Churchill called it “the religion of blood and war”. He was right. In spades. He saw it, first hand, up close and personal: in Afghanistan, on the northwest frontier, in the late 19th century, and also in Sudan, in battle against the slave-lord, the Mahdi. Islam. It’s *all about* the kiilling, the rape, the mutilations, about exulting in dominating and destroying human beings. In a way, jihad itself is a license to kill; to experience the obscene ecstasy of taking human life. This is Moloch, human sacrifice. Islam is as much a cult of ritual Murder as was the cult of the Thuggees…which may just possibly have been produced out of the encounter with Islam, or in imitation of Islam. When they are not waging jihad, they human-sacrifice nubile girls (“honor” murders). Because allah is a drinker of blood, an eater of souls. That is not a snap judgement; this is the conclusion I have reached after spending more than twelve years, now, at jihadwatch and elsewhere, and reading all sorts of other stuff besides, such as John Roy Carlson’s “Cairo to Damascus” (he managed to score an interview with Hassan al Banna, one of the leading lights of the Ikhwan).

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