U.S. media silent on American child kidnapped by terrorists

A 16 year old American boy and two other Israeli teens have been kidnapped by a Palestinian terrorist organization and have been missing for almost three days and yet there is a near media blackout on coverage of it in the U.S.


7 responses to “U.S. media silent on American child kidnapped by terrorists”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yes. I noticed. The lies of omission so common with the mainstream (totally corrupt) media.
    Also, a media blackout for the most part on the situation on the ground in Iraq, and the coverage shown at all minimizes the situation faced by so many of the Iraqi citizens.
    You really cannot get the truth or a true picture from the mainstream media.

  2. Lynne says :

    CNN makes no mention of the fact that one teen is an American and minimizes the seriousness of the kidnapping. Note the last paragraph from the article: “The deployment of military assets to search for the teens, and the swift presumption of kidnapping, are a reflection of the tensions that exist between Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank”.
    Yeah. Let’s not mention the terrorists. Let’s pretend that the kidnappers were just miffed. A little tension between the Palestinians and the settlers (hint hint: It’s the settlers’ fault.)
    CNN is vile.

  3. erin says :

    So many people wonder why on earth I would want to come visit Israel and the thought of moving there has even entered my mind. And yet, stories like this are EXACTLY why.

  4. Rachell Gober says :

    President Obama, in his 2008 campaign, stated that “If my two daughters were in danger in Sderot (Israel) , I would do anything to ensure their safety (sic)
    Where are you now, Mr. President???????

  5. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Our main govt funded news broadcaster, the ABC, didn’t get around to reporting it on their “Just In” news page until after 8 pm in the evening on Sunday 15, Australian time. they MUST have known about it before then…they have **their own correspondent, based in Israel**.

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