Rocket attacks from Gaza, shootings in Judea

I nearly missed my bus stop I was listening so intently to the radio broadcast the driver was blaring. The colour red siren is going crazy in our South as terrorists launch rockets at us from Gaza. I heard that one for sure was intercepted by our Iron Dome. There was also a report about drive-by shootings at our troops searching for the kidnapped children and at civilians in Judea.

Delayed reporting due to security — lots of gunfire around house in Hevron (Hebron). The children might be being held there. Updating as we get info.

Two rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome that were aimed at Israeli civilian population centers by Hamas terrorists in Gaza and several more have hit outside of populated areas.

Four rockets fired by Hamas terrorists at Ashkelon. Two terrorists apprehended in Hebron. IDF surrounding another hour in Hevron that may hold or have links to the kidnapped children.


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  2. Tiger Mike says :

    Psalm 142 and 143. The Rabbis are asking people to recite them.

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