700 attended prayer vigil in Tel Aviv for three children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists

Here’s the news report on the prayer gathering I attended last night:

Approximately 700 residents of Tel Aviv and the vicinity gathered on Sunday evening at the Rabin Square for a prayer vigil for the safe return of the three yeshiva students who were kidnapped in Gush Etzion.

The prayer rally was attended by the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of the city of Tzfat, and Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai.

Rabbi Lau, who led the crowd in the reading of Psalms (Tehillim), called for the quick return of the three boys.

“We must not wait so long as was the case with Gilad Shalit,” he said.

One of the organizers of the rally, Itay Granek, said, “Since we learned of the abduction of the boys last Friday, the sound of prayer for their safety has been heard all over the country. Today we gathered also in the heart of Tel Aviv, both religious and secular residents, for a solidarity and prayer rally for their quick and safe return.”


5 responses to “700 attended prayer vigil in Tel Aviv for three children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists”

  1. Larry007 says :

    I don’t believe in prayers, unfortunately. Didn’t helped much durin WWII

    • israeliminx says :

      Well, the show of solidarity in turning out is more important than the prayers in many, many ways –especially for the families of those missing kids to see the people turning out and to feel supported and less alone in this horrible, indescribably horrible, time for them. And, importantly, these are religious families and the prayers offered in support even by non-believers are welcome.

  2. Lynne says :

    The unity and solidarity in the community are so important, and give a sense of comfort in such terrible times.
    Larry, I agree that prayers alone and wishful thinking will not change things, but encouragement and support (and wonderful support as from the young Arab-Israeli in the video above) help sustain people through painful times.

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    I will pray through Psam 121 – the Psalm that has been particularly requested – on their behalf. It is one of the Psalms that i love most, and that I learned by heart when I was a teenager.

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