The Minx is scattered (personal)

I’m buried in grading past my eyebrows and 90% of my time is being directed to do everything I can to help get our kidnapped children back — tweets, emails to contacts in the media and other places, phone calls and phone tag with contacts.

Tomorrow I’ve got two moving companies coming to look at the apartment and give me an estimate. Despite feeling like I’ve got a knife in my heart that such people would ever need to darken my doorstep, I’ve got to get the apartment in better order for them to take a look at. It looks like a bomb has gone off and it looks like I’ve got way more stuff than I will (or even have) be taking with me because I’ve emptied everything out of every bookcase, cupboard, closet etc into piles — some of those piles have been sorted and are in ‘I need some boxes to go in’ condition while a lot of others are in the ‘I need to be sorted and culled down by 75%’ status.

I got the histalmut-g paperwork today and am working on filling it out so that I can fax it, and all the accompanying (not much, teudat zehut and bank check photocopy), to get the surprise funds transferred to my bank.


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