Mohammed Zoabi: Israel’s finest, Mother courage…and psychotic relatives

Since the video he made calling for the release of three other Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas terrorists went viral, Mohammed Zoabi’s life has been in danger. His father, uncle, and paternal Grandmother were arrested for a plot to kidnap him to Jenin and harm, possibly kill, him.

His Aunt is the known to be psychotic MK of Balad, who already should have been arrested for treason with her hijinks with the Mari Maravara and most certainly for her statements in the last few days. He has been receiving an outpouring of death threats from the crazy sector of Israeli-Arabs (most of the Israeli-Arab population are as sane as the rest of us), Palestinians and Arabs from neighbouring countries and has gone into hiding. His mother will need to go into hiding, especially following her radio address in which she supported and seconded her son, his patriotism, and his courage.

Everything possible needs to be done to protect this little family with such big chutzpah and moral values. His mother, intelligently, divorced his father long ago and receives no financial support from him — he hadn’t even seen his brave son for nearly a year until he arrived planning to kidnap and harm him.

Can someone help me to set up a crowd-funding drive for Mohammed and his Ema. They are going to need immediate help and long-term help (and our police sadly pretty much suck at protecting people for extended periods of time). He, and now his Mother, have put themselves out there to stand for Israel and now we need to put ourselves out there and stand for them.


One response to “Mohammed Zoabi: Israel’s finest, Mother courage…and psychotic relatives”

  1. Lynne says :

    Crowd-funding would be a great idea, as well as trying to post about this to all Israeli blogs. An account could be set up for them at one of the banks there.

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